PC performance Let US compare

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How are you guys doing performance regarding AvP PC version?
I myself unsure if the performance I am getting is right.
|4870x2| 6GB RAM | i7 720 2.67Ghz | Windows 7 Ultimate |
With latest CCC drivers.
I am getting all way from 37-57 depending on what is happening, it is all of course playable, but since I am playing on dx9 and not dx10/11 I would expect 60 constant.
How r u guys performing?

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#2 Posted by Evilsbane (5540 posts) -
@amir90: Why are you running it with DX9?
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#3 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

because my card doesn't support dx11, also to be able to start dx11 your computer must "see" your machine as having dx11 or something, I remember reading that you can download a hotfix that enables you to
get in the game dx11 mode, but only dx10 will be enabled.
 However, if the performance isn't neat in dx9, then I don't want to take my chances in dx10

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@amir90: I haven't played the full game yet, but running the demo with my system:
(Windows7Ultimate, i7 920 @ 3.3, GTX260 1792mb, 12gb DDR3)
I was getting rock solid 55+ FPS, but the multiplayer map is rather small so I would have to try the full game.
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#5 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

digging up old threads, yay >_>

anyway, finally decided to boot this up after finishing Witcher 2 and having no idea what to play next... game looks fucking GOOD, kinda shocked really. i dunno what / if DX11 is doing anything, but damn son. Quality wise i have no idea, only played the first Alien lvl, seems cool in a "well youre not using a gun i guess" way (well you are with the marines), but damn, graphics are great maxed out :o Hell it probably already paid the 5bucks i paid on Steam just for how good it looks :(

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