So, is anyone still playing AVP online?

#1 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

For various reasons I just recently broke out my copy of AVP to give it a whirl after buying it day one. I'm just special like that. So far I have to say I'm enjoying the game much more than the reviews led me to believe. It hasn't reinvented the wheel but it captures the feel of the Aliens and Predator films well enough that it scratches my fanboy itch. However, the multiplayer seems to be a wasteland at this point. Even at peak hours there are only maybe a couple of dozen matches I can see pop up on the Player Match menu. So, it doesn't bode well for my desire to see all of the gameplay modes and pick up some of the multiplayer achievements.
Basically am I the only person still trying to play this game and am I the only one who find it to be a guilty pleasure?

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I think you may be one of the very few, at least on this site. I kinda like what I played of it, but that was on my computer which ran the game like shit.

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If you mean the recent version, 360 release and such, I have to ask if they ever fixed the abysmal time it took to find and connect to a game.  It seemed really fun to play online, but in the time it took to actually find and start a single game, you could have played through 2 games on Modern Warfare 2 and been starting on your third.

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I tried to so that we could talk about it at our podcast but there was no one anywhere. A real shame, I didn't think the game was THAT bad.

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Well, since Sega recently announced that they weren't going to continue to patch the console version I doubt that any fixes will be coming. Sega seems to be in bad shape and updates to AVP weren't high on their "to do" list.
Yeah, I remember this game doing surprisingly well at retail but it doesn't seem to have panned out for the multiplayer community. Which is a shame because some of the multiplayer modes are quite unique. Of course the only games that seem to be going are your standard Death Matches. Guess I'm just going to have to give up on ever getting those multiplayer achievements.

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Yeah yeah, I'm waaaaaaay late to the party, but Newegg had this game for $10 today, so me and a buddy bought it (its sold out now). I hope the cheap price gets at least a few people playing online, I would like to at least check out what it has to offer. 
So if you've still got this game, jump online in a week or so, a bunch of people just bought it!

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Fuck this game, I knew Rebellion would mess it up, and they did. Still waiting for the true successor to AVP2.

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So, is anyone still playing AVP online?

 The question stands. I got tha game this week when it was low priced on steam with the 2 dlcs, so I was wondering if ppl still play it.

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