Think the multiplayer will survive,what can be done to help it ?

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Even now it feels empty, Do you guys think it will last ? 
They said they were adding dedicated servers for the PC version which should hopefully fix the extremely long time that takes to join a server but I suspect that will not be enough. 
The maps are terrible, to many jungle and temple maps mostly reused from the campaign  and some of the modes are poorly planed, Like the predator hunt I hate that their is such a short time limit to kill someone, makes you panic and rush in with your predator. I don't quite understand why they did not put evac in their it seams a easy mode to make.
What I am afraid of is that they will start doing DLC which will include new maps and modes but I hope that does not happen. 
But what do you guys think, Think it will last ? how can they make it better ?

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Well I certainly hope it lasts, it's the main reason I bought the game!
I personally don't see the problem a lot of people have with the maps. They'e old-school in design for sure, but then again the game in general has very clearly been built in general to keep in the tradition of the old AVPs. I think the time limit in Pred Hunt is a good thing as it forces you to be decisive and go for the kills - otherwise we'd be looking at Shoulder Cannon Camping Hell. Pred Hunt, Infestation, Survivor and Species DM are all a friggin' blast, though I don't think Rebellion should've bothered with some of the 'vanilla' modes like FFA and Domination. This isn't the kind of game where you want to be standing still long enough to capture command posts.
It's pretty obvious that this won't be a AAA online title: if the more deliberate and old-school gameplay won't turn a lot of people off, the crappy matchmaking system will. What I'm hoping is that it gets a small-to-medium sized, committed community that'll keep it alive for a good while. I'm having a heap of fun online and wouldn't want to see this game fizzle away before it even got started.

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How can you complain the maps that are in the game are terrible and then say you hope they don't add new ones?
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@JukeboxJoe said:
" How can you complain the maps that are in the game are terrible and then say you hope they don't add new ones? "
@Toxic said:
 What I am afraid of is that they will start doing DLC which will add new maps
What I meant my that they would start charging for new maps
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@Toxic said:
" @JukeboxJoe said:
" How can you complain the maps that are in the game are terrible and then say you hope they don't add new ones? "
@Toxic said:
 What I am afraid of is that they will start doing DLC which will add new maps
What I meant my that they would start charging for new maps "

Ah I see. Well they are doing haha
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The endless conga lines that are the poorly named "quick kills" are what ruin the game for me. Quick kills should take two seconds. 
Also the spawning is pretty bad.
Also melee combat seems unbalanced. One successful block counter for the predator will kill an alien. Aliens need like three.
Plus running into games where there are 5 predators in a 8 person species deathmatch is pretty dumb.
And that shriken is fucking ridiculous.
I have a great deal of buyers regret. I'll probably trade this is to get Pokemon or something.

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They aren't 'quick kills' though. They're 'trophy/stealth kills'. It's risk/reward - it's an insta kill if you land one, but it leaves you vulnerable while you're doing it. If it was insta kill and you did it straight away then whats the point of using the normal melee system. It's just idiots running around stealth killing other people in the open then getting wasted while they do it.  
Having said that, the conga lines do look pretty retarded. Hopefully that won't be as common when people get some sense. And I agree with the other stuff you say, the disk is retarded. People spamming it just ruins games. It needs a couple of seconds cooldown or a fire delay or something, I don't know how they missed this when they were balancing it. Predator gets a quicker heavy attack than the alien and one hit kill ranged weapons. Genius.


Still getting it though

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@Spiral_Stars: Agreed the stealth kills are broken, The range on them is just ridiculous I grabbed a guy who was in mid air and ripped of his head before he landed... 
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heres wut they shoud do to fix the xbox live version 
1)new maps 
2) put a limit on the combi stix and disc for hte predator..matines can run out of ammo but predators cant 
3) aliens should be able to spit acid as they do in the game(maybe not every alien but unlock the ability at a certain level 
4) fix how long predators can stay in camo..when u through something u cme out of it but whne ur shot u stay in it..once u reach a certain health u shouldnt be able to activate it 
5)when u finish a game online u shoudl be abel to stay with the same groups of people 
6)make the muti player navagation easier 
7)even if ur in a party u shoudl be aloud to play deathmatch so u and ur friend can go one on one and earn xp at the saem time   
8) make the cut sence for the stealth kills for the alien and predator super short or non existant..thats were majority of peep get there kills cause they are left vonourable 
domination is so bad...aliens vs marines not even fair the speed on the aliens gives so much of an advatage from the start ..i think out of the 20 domination games ive had to play aliens have won about 18 of them..and ive played for both sides and trust me i hate when i play domination as a marine...and i pick marines for everyhting else
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This game really did make some horrible choices.  Predator hunt in retarded.  In this day and age you CANNOT have 10 out of 11 players bored and wandering aimlessly looking for a single invisible enemy, only to get killed by said enemy.  That game mode lacks the fun factor that needs to be built into the design docs.  If ever a game could have gained from shamelessly ripping off the Left 4 Dead series, this game is it.  While you're at it lift the Nazi Zombies mode from Call of Duty and slip it in here with aliens.  I really don't mind games that steal.  Darksiders was groovy.  The problem I have with games is when they aren't any fun, and even the peak of AVP's fun factor, Infestation, feels like a game mode from 1997.  This is 2010 and your video game needs to A) be fun, and B) conform to the modern standards of game play.  Maybe even a little bit of innovation from that blue print in order to keep gaming evolution going.
For a game based on two of the coolest franchises ever, where incredibly exciting story and game play opportunities can be explored, Rebellion didn't just drop the ball.  They buried it!

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I had it for 3 weeks or so and community was down to about 100 players on ps3, ya its not going to last.Also half the time i couldent even play because of the host leaving and impatient players in lobbies leaving.

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it has good ideas but it just isnt gonna last at all. it is fucked up beyond all repair. prolly sendin the copy i have back to gamefly tmrw actually. too hard to even get a game goin online anymore.
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Crash and burn.

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I think you need to send out a request to forums like this one or XBL to befriend
people that own the game & then meet these people online. That's the only way
you'll get multiplayer in this game.
Some of these multiplayer-only type games can only work if you send out the
word to others that you want to play.  Because gamers will simply arrive at
different times of the day, find nobody available, & then vanish on to some
other game.
That is the State of Multiplayer as it exists today.

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If I had the power, these are the three main things I'd get changed:
1. Release the DLC maps for free, thereby reuniting the community.
2. Add host migration to ranked p2p games. (My biggest complaint so far.)
3. Disable stealth/trophy kills in multiplayer.

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Why don't they just use the pred honor system? I'm a pred player and I
despise seeing my fellow preds spamming weapons. What I purpose is
simple, make it to where only a trophy/stealth kill will get score
points for pred. Then all the plasma spammers goes "oh! I can't win by
being a lil' bitch anymore? Fuck preds! I'm being a marine!" And thus
they leave and quit making a fucking mockery of my fav species.
Simple, don't you think?    If you agree with me, please go to the SEGA avp forums and sugest this exact idea. Please do this before they make the patch that allows preds to be knocked down by a counter. Cause that will only encourage more plasma spamming!! And if that happens, I see no point to keep playing this game.

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