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Rock Paper Scissors meets Facehuggers. 2

As a child of the 90s, I grew up playing SNES and Pokemon. The core "Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water" combat dynamic in the early games in that series are ingrained into my brain. As a result, any sort of "Damage Triangle" is immediately apparent to me.  Do you enjoy Rock Paper Scissors? The reason I ask is because this game has a lot of it. The two titular species share a melee system that boils down to a light attack, a heavy attack, and a block. The block can protect you...

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i seem to be the minority here... 10

    i'm going to try and bring up every good and every bad thing about this game. i've never seen a game get so ram-sacked without it really deserving it. yes i did buy this but that honestly is not going to factor into this. i will not be biased. i like aliens and i like predators. i'm not a hardcore fan and the 2 don't always go good together, (the movies sucked balls, well at least the first one did) but they're cool. ok. Graphics- this is one of the better looking games that i've seen this y...

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If you liked the original game, steer away from this one. 0

 I recently got ‘Aliens vs Predator’ the Xbox 360 version. First of all, the game’s graphics are quite good, and the rendered models aren’t short of great quality.    Aliens... Can't get enough of em'.  The game’s faults turn to it’s most important factors, gameplay. There are three different factions in the game, The Marines, The Predators, and The Aliens. Each of which have completely different gameplay, none of which have a great impact that separates it to other First Person Shooter games...

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An Utterly Uninspired AVP 0 ALIENS vs. PREDATOR REVIEW ALIENS VS PREDATOR REVIEW 360 & PS3 Aliens vs. Predator has always been a pretty solid idea on paper, bridging two of the best science fiction action franchises ever by intertwining their stories with some sound back story. The original Aliens v Predator for the Jaguar was an atmospheric gem in 1994, which proved the two could be combined for great effect. The 1999 PC follow-up did nothing t...

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Hunter, Survivor, Prey 0

Those three words sum up the entire premise behind Sega's latest foray into the mature gaming world as they continue to try to distance themselves from a certain blue rodent. Aliens vs. Predator, the latest addition into a series that has been beaten to death with new iterations of the same name on nearly every system dating back over a decade, returns with what they are claiming is a brand new story, but is really just a rehashed version of the same old one Rebellion Developments and other deve...

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Great Atmosphere, Bad Gameplay 0

Aliens and Predator have gotten a bad wrap in the past decade or so. With the not so great Aliens vs. Predator movies and such games as Predator: Concrete Jungle and a couple of games based on the AVP films both franchises were on life support. However, things are starting to look up with the release this year of Predators to theaters and Aliens vs. Predator to the gaming community. The film has been well received by both critics and audiences and will hopefully lead to a new series of films for...

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Not great, but not bad either. 0

Remember the movie Aliens? Remember how the marines were outnumbered and running low on ammo? We'll AVP will give you the same pucker factor. Lets go over the strengths and weaknesses of this game on both the single and multiplayer fronts.SINGLE PLAYER:Each campaign builds off of the other. You can play them in any order and still understand the storyline. This is good because each species can be frustrating at times. The storyline is nothing spectacular. The humans have found one of the predato...

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Alien vs Predator Review: Triple Threat of Boredom 0

With Aliens Colonial Marines still fresh in my mind I thought I would take a look at the most recent Alien series entry before Gearbox's bad 2013 product. Rebellion were the developer behind the 2010 Aliens vs Predator, and this is a franchise that has had huge potential, yet always underachieved grossly. The films have been awful and the older games are fondly remembered, but are well aged now. Rebellion's reboot of the franchise should have been a great game, taking full advantage of the pote...

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Unacceptable from Rebellion 3

 This game's control scheme is so totally busted that I literally took an hour out of my day attempting to fix it for the multiplayer demo. Even after that, the game was stupidly bad. With all battles as Alien or Predator boiling down to melee, I felt that this game missed out on a lot of the fun of those species. Admittedly, Aliens are completely melee, but the control scheme on AvP1 and 2 was so much better. Hold Ctrl to crouch and hold Shift to crouch and climb. And you could climb while stra...

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Good Remake 4

When they announced that AVP was going to be remade, I was very happy.  Now its out and how does it fair with the current gaming market?  This is a great game that would be suited for new/old fans of the franchises.  It is not for any gamers looking for a "New" shooting experience.  The graphics are well done but, not outstanding.  The Predators/Aliens received a lot of treatment from the artist.  The marines are bland since they all look the same.  The lighting is remote because of the subject ...

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Seriously? 0

I played the AvP for PC back in the day (Yea, I said it). I can honestly say that one was a lot better than this one. The got sounds, and graphics okay, but all in all, I did not enjoy this game. The story line was too quick, and there really wasn't a lot to do. Honestly, I should have waited for it to get thrown into the clearance bin before I bought it....

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Too Flawed to Function. 0

Alien Vs. Predator was one of the first games on my old PC that really made me quake. I remember not quite being convinced by the wonkiness of 7th Guests' 'goolies in a bottle', or even the 'decapitation' in Phantasmagoria (my dad had a thing for horror games.)   But, when I first booted up AVSP and walked down that first flickering corridor, I lost it completely.  Fast, nimble, all over the place. And it was only one alien.  The rest of the game never quite lived up to that opening shock, howev...

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"insert witty alien/predator pun here" 0

  Aliens vs. Predator Review   Well, what a missed opportunity we have here, a run of the mill shooter campaign, a clunky melee shooter campaign and a not so clunky melee campaign. This game had the potential to be amazing, but it’s apparent that for whatever reason, the developer just didn’t have the resources to pull this one off.   You can choose to play the campaign as a marine, an Alien or a Predator. All three are very short but I found the Alien one to be the most fun. There’s just somet...

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When my buddy Troy sent me a text message asking if anyone had got the new AVP.  I immediately called him.  No text back, with “um… well.”, no non-response as to pretend like I didn’t have time to talk games with him.  Nope.  I called that mother fucker right back after his text.  I called, and he was at work.  Work, come on, but that’s Troy.  I  screamed “Don’t do it man!  It’s not not worth it.”  And what do you think the douche’s answer back to me was?  How about a “Thanks man, I almost made ...

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aliens vs predator 0

the game is cool, survivor mode is my favorite, it's cool when it's you and 3 other players playing with you and you're fighting off wave after wave of aliens... the aliens are a little confusing when you're playing them. the predators whip ass cuz they have the cool weapons that the marines don't have. the marines are a lot better when they're working together so DO NOT SPLIT UP!!! the aliens are good if they're are at least 2 or 3 together, and the predators are like the only ones who can actu...

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(Xeno)Horses For Courses 0

Hm. I usually find that Jeff's opinions on games coincide pretty closely with mine, but I'm gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm having a great time with this game. Yes, it has its problems and yes, it's not the most modern-feeling of FPSs out there, but once you start getting the hang of the three species (Which will take a little while) there is some hugely enjoyable stalk-and-pounce gameplay to be had. It's certainly a strange game to write about, as Jeff, along with a lot of the ...

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AVP a decade PAID OFF!! 1

I think there are a LOT of people can agree that ALIENS and PREDATORS are the most BADASS characters of all time. Before anything I am a HARDCORE fan of this franchises. In summary AVP is awesome!! I have been waiting for this more than a decade since I played AVP on the arcades... this game is an honor to the PC AVP shooters. It kept the feeling of nostalgia to the movies I always loved. But to be honest I don't know if is gona be for everyone, this is pretty much for the fans.   This is instan...

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Aliens VS. Predator Review 0

By - Craig H.For years fans of these franchises have clamored for a solid video game adaptation that makes them feel like their favorite character. Rebellion Games takes the reins again for another attempt at bringing the masses a great AVP game.The campaign is broken into three separate smaller campaigns. Through these campaigns you will play as an Alien, a Predator, and a Marine. The campaigns are separate but do have common elements and are part of the same story.The marine campaign is a trad...

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Aliens vs Predator vs Aliens vs Predator 0

I came into Aliens vs Predator knowing very well of its lukewarm perception, but, as a huge fan of the originals I thought "How bad can it be?" Well, I  learned the answer to that question; pretty bad. The worse part is, almost all of the things they did wrong could have so very easily been fixed.    Let's start with single player. I'm in the minority here, but I enjoyed the Alien and Predator campaigns immensely. Sure, the AI was just about pants on head retarded, but is there anything better ...

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