I am obsessed with aliens

#1 Posted by aliensexist4 (50 posts) -

The title says it all.  What's your favorite use of aliens in video games?  As the good guys or bad guys?  I like it when they have alien weapons and you can use them too.

#2 Posted by Shawn (3843 posts) -

haha, I thought your username was alien sexist4 when I first read it.

My favorite alien would be the grunts from Halo, they were just so funny.

#3 Edited by Mike (14573 posts) -

Alien Sexist...hehe.   But seriously, I always enjoy a good game with aliens in it.  The one that immediately comes to mind is 1993's X-Com: Ufo Defense.

#4 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

My favorite aliens are Gungan's from Star Wars.

#5 Posted by aliensexist4 (50 posts) -

I love it when the aliens fight with you, especially in the original Perfect Dark.  "Elvis" was hilarious and awesome.  And yeah, aliensexist4 is my gamertag too so you cant believe the number of times I have to explain where exactly the break is in there....lol.  Love Halo too, of course.  I especially like it when the aliens look real though, as in "Elvis," not fantastical like Halo Elites.

#6 Posted by psr388 (267 posts) -

elvis made perfect dark, and of course perfect dark zero brought it crashing down...

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