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All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 is the 2012 sequel to the original Rider Generation for the Nintendo DS, expanding on nearly every facet of the original - the playable stable of Kamen Riders has increased dramatically, older characters have expanded capabilities and movesets, and the game itself was simultaneously released for the DS and Playstation Portable.

Rider Generation 2's PSP character select screen. With over 50 playable Riders by the time the dust settles, a wraparound bar is a necessity.

Just like its predecessor, Rider Generation 2 combines 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up action with stock RPG elements, with each Rider having individual EXP counts and stat training parameters. While the basic structure of a human-played Rider and AI partner remains, Rider Generation 2 also features 2-player functionality via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or the PSP's Ad Hoc wireless.

The password system from Rider Generation 1 has been completely revamped for RG2: instead of unlocking additional stages for each world (and an "incomplete" Kamen Rider Fourze), the new, simpler passwords enable players to instantly unlock nearly any Rider in the playable list, negating the wait to mow down tokusatsu villains with fan/personal favorites - whether your favorite may be the massively overhauled Fourze, the classic Rider-1, the poorly-treated-by-America Black RX, the sole female entrant Kiva-la, the currently-airing (and existing in a prototypical state) Wizard, or another Rider entirely.

Basic Controls

Menu Screens

A/Circle: Confirm

B/Cross: Cancel

X/Triangle: Go to Rider Select screen (from Stage Select screen)

Y/Square: Go to Shop (from Stage Select screen), view Character Database (from Shop screen), toggle Move List/Rider Ability view (on Rider Select screen)


D-Pad twice rapidly: Dash left/right (hold when left/right to run) or to fore/background

B/Cross: Jump, rushing attack (when used in a combo; drains one chevron from Combo Meter, or all when Combo Meter is full and ends the combo in an attack flurry and summon of an available partner Rider)

Y/Square: Quick attack (combos to 4 hits on its own)

X Rider hits a guy with glasses in an unfortunate side-effect of RG2's finisher animations focusing on a single target.

X/Triangle: Strong attack (slow to combo, produces various effects when capping off a Quick attack combo. Some gun-toting Riders can also combo Strong attacks, generally up to three hits.)

A/Circle: Special attack (additional specials used by combining with D-pad directions)

L: Block, Backdash (hold and press D-pad in opposite facing direction), rushing attack (hold and press D-pad in forward facing direction, same as B/Cross mid-combo version)

R: Rider Ability (for those Riders with suitable abilities; some require holding R and pressing an attack or D-pad button)

L + A/Circle: Finishing attack (once Rider has reached Level 5; certain pairs of Riders can execute finishing attacks when in close proximity, and certain Riders can gain alternate finishers used with L + A/Circle + B/Cross)

Select: Change AI focus (Green = "balanced", Red = "offense", Blue = "defense")

Meeting New Riders mid-stage

X/Triangle: Replace player Rider with newcomer

Y/Square: Replace partner with newcomer

B/Cross: Don't replace

Playable Kamen Riders and Abilities

Double Rider Kick!

Rider-1 (Rider-1's Skill): Occasionally increases Technique (the Special attack stat) after defeating enemies.

Rider-2 (Rider-2's Power): Occasionally increases Strength (the Fast/Strong attack stat) after defeating enemies.

V3 (V3 Barrier): Press R to convert some Life into a temporary invincibility shield.

(Like a Double Rider Boss)

Riderman (Rope Arm): Press R to launch a grappling hook that draws opponents in.

X Rider (Long Pole): Press R to convert some Life into a wide-area staff attack.

Amazon (Jungle Jump): Can Double Jump.

Stronger (Elec Charge): Occasionally builds up an electric charge that increases attack power.

Skyrider (Sailing Jump): Can Double Jump and hold B/Cross while doing so to glide.

Super-1 (Change Hands): Press R to shift between several of the Five Hands' elemental attributes.

ZX (Radar-Jamming Smokescreen): Press R and a D-Pad direction when hit to evade the attack and dash to safety.

BLACK (Vital Charge): Increases attack power after pressing R to strike a signature pose.

BLACK RX (Miracle of the Sun): Automatically heals and powers up when brought to critical Life.

Shin (Body-Cell Activation): Is resistant to stun and knockdown from enemy attacks.

ZO (Healing): Recovers Life over time.

J (J-Power): Builds Finishing Attack energy quickly.

Kuuga doesn't usually have those rims. Or that fire. That's Rising for you.

Kuuga (Rising Power): After dealing enough damage in a stage, press R to change into Kuuga's Rising Mighty form and upgrade his capabilities and specials.

Agito (Alter Charge): Hold R to strike a signature pose, release to Rider Kick with power based on charge duration.

G3-X (Human Spirit): Temporarily increases Defense when brought to critical Life.

Not quite "Press L To Beer", but Gills's command is still one of the odder ones out there.

Gills (Roar): Press R to roar and trade Defense for Attack.

Ryuki (Dragredder Advent): Press R to call support fireballs. Recharges over time.

Knight (Darkwing Advent): Press R to call forth a bat shriek that stuns enemies. Recharges over time.

Zolda (Magnugiga Advent): Press R to call in an aerial bombardment. Recharges over time.

Faiz (Axel Watch): Press R to briefly stop time and perform a damaging dash forward. When upgraded, press R twice rapidly to instead heavily damage nearby enemies in stopped time. Recharges over time.

Kaixa (Reload): Press R to recharge the gauge drained by certain Special attacks.

Blade (Rouze Card Change): Press R to add a lightning attribute and extra damage/effects to one (upgradeable to two) Special Attack(s).

Garren (Rouze Card Change): Press R to add a fire attribute and extra damage/effects to one (upgradeable to two) Special Attack(s).

Chalice (Rouze Card Change): Press R to add a wind attribute and extra damage/effects to one (upgradeable to two) Special Attack(s).

Leangle (Rouze Card Change): Press R to add an ice attribute and extra damage/effects to one (upgradeable to two) Special Attack(s).

Hibiki (Disc Animal): Hold R and press an attack button to summon up to three of three forms of Disc Animal to deal minor damage. Recharges over time.

Ibuki (Oni Stone Shot): Hit enemies with marker bullets using Ibuki's basic Special, then press R to detonate them.

Just showing you I'm dead serious about Todoroki.

Todoroki (Todoroki Stage): Press R to rock out on guitar. An uninterrupted performance recovers both Riders' Life and gives them EXP based on Todoroki's combat performance so far in the stage.

Zanki (Resurrection Thunder): Revives once per level if defeated.

Kabuto (Clock Up): Press R to temporarily stop time for all except fellow Riders from Kamen Rider Kabuto. Recharges over time.

Gatack (Clock Up): Press R to temporarily stop time for all except fellow Riders from Kamen Rider Kabuto. Recharges over time.

Den-O (Climax!): Randomly receives an attack boost when a new wave of enemies approaches.

Zeronos (Vega Form): Press R to launch a flurry of blasts, followed by a sword combo. Recharges over time.

New Den-O (Countdown): When new waves of enemies appear, a timer starts and New Den-O receives additional EXP if he can defeat the wave before it expires. When upgraded, he is also buffed during the countdown.

Kiva (Darkness Moon Break): Press R to stop time and levitate upside-down into a signature Rider Kick. Recharges over time.

IXA (Fight for Justice): Collect buttons with every kill; IXA's stats are buffed with higher button counts.

Decade (Kamen Ride): Press R to select one of the previous 9 title Riders (Kuuga through Kiva, via purchased upgrades) and replace one (or more) of your Special Attacks with its own.

Diend (Kamen Ride): Press R to select one of 3 secondary Riders (Scissors, Saga, or Delta, via purchased upgrades) and summon them using your base Special Attack.

Kiva-la finds it hard to strike up "girl talk" when the only other sprited female in the game is one of Fourze's baddies, the Virgo Zodiarts.

Kiva-la (Hikari Laughing Pressure Point): Press R to briefly stop time and resume with a stab that paralyzes foes with laughter.

Double (Gaia Memory): Press R to select one of three Gaia Memory combinations as an alternate form.

Accel (Engine Blade): Press R to change which of three Gaia Memories is loaded into Accel's signature sword, changing the attributes of his main Special Attack.

Skull (Hard-Boiled): Press R to stop time and gain Finisher Gauge based on the damage Skull has sustained. Usable once per level.

OOO (Combo Change): Press R to select one of six Core Medal combinations as an alternate form.

Birth (Candroid): Hold R and press an attack button to summon one of three types of Candroid to deal minor damage. Recharges as Coins are collected in-stage.

Birth Prototype (Battlefield Medic): Partially heals the Partner Rider when Birth Prototype uses a Life Charge on himself.

Fourze and Meteor see the oldschool Double Rider Kick and raise it with rocket boosters and electro-feet.

Fourze (Astro Switch): Press R to program various Astro Switches as the Special Attacks of Fourze's Base States (Can't decide? Press L at the Switch Select screen to randomize each slot), or to enter Elek, Fire, or Magnet States and use their unique movesets.

Meteor (Meteor Galaxy): Press R to switch planets to harness their attributes for Meteor's basic Special Attack.

Wizard: No Rider Ability or Finisher; obtained via password.

Other Characters

Kengo Utahoshi: One of Fourze and Meteor's friends at Amanogawa High School; inheritor of the "Rabbit Hutch" lunar base from which the Riders operate and the Astro Switch system Fourze utilizes. Warns the Riders of incoming enemies and directs them ahead in stages.


Jojima Yuki: Fourze's childhood friend; runs the Shop aboard the Rabbit Hutch alongside various Foodroids manufactured by herself, Kengo, and other members of Fourze's "Kamen Rider Club." Obsessed with space exploration, and prone to sometimes dressing in a cardboard mockup of the Hayabusa satellite.

Kamen Rider Ouja: One of the 13 Riders involved in the Rider War of Ryuki, Knight, and Zolda's world, and the Stage 1 boss. Prone to homicidal fits of rage and always looking for a reason to fight.

Kamen Riders Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper: Two oddly morose Riders from Kabuto and Gatack's world, and the Stage 2 bosses. Having lost their positions in the anti-Worm resistance cell ZECT prior to becoming Riders, they are obsessed with the position they hold in the darkness (or alternately Hell) as others are held up as heroes in the light.

Kamen Rider Odin: A vessel for the will of the Rider War's instigator, serving as the Stage 3 boss. Of the conversations player Riders can have with the game's bosses, Odin's features the most immutable dialogue, speaking with a set of pre-programmed phrases meant to encourage the player Riders to fight amongst themselves.

Kamen Rider Eternal: Leader of the organization NEVER and the Stage 4 boss, seeking to turn the entirety of W, Accel, and Skull's world into beings like him animated by the power of Gaia Memories.

Kamen Rider Core is too thirsty to end civilization! (And is also one of several RG2 bosses that exists as a multi-hitbox background asset.)

Kamen Rider Core: A fiery homunculus created by the Foundation X of W and OOO's world, deployed by Goura as the Stage 5 boss. Possesses the memories of all the Kamen Riders who came before him, but none of their human compassion and spirit.

Goura: A scientist looking to succeed in creating a world without Kamen Riders where RG1's antagonist Judah failed, making use of his research on the Riders and a replica Decadriver that synthesizes that data into new monsters. He is well-guarded by the Stage 6 bosses Stolas of Power and Agares of Technique.

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