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Another zombie game, but is it any good? My DarkZero Review. 0

It seems the game industry can’t get rid of zombies at the moment. They have infected nearly every type of genre. The development studio, Doublesix, also seems to be attached to zombies since they’ve developed a sequel to their PS3 and PC game Burn Zombie Burn. What sets All Zombies Must Die! (AZMD) apart from the previous game is that it features mechanics that try to evolve the simple twin-stick, top-down shooter formula. Which can only mean a good thing right?The town of Deadhill hosts the ga...

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This Game's Grip is Weak 0

Download Size: 500 MBTime Played: 6 hrs.Favorite Character: Luxo the AlienNumber of Areas: 8What I'd Pay: $5Steam Price (3/19/12): $10There's a fine line between a good zombie game and a bad zombie game. All Zombies Must Die! skirts that line without quite crossing it, but reveals some of those key differences just by how close it almost gets it. Let's dig in and make some comparisons.All Zombies Must Die! gives you 4 characters, 8 weapons, and 4 status effects to inflict against 7 types of zomb...

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I want to love it, but... but... AARGH!!!! 0

This game starts off with such potential... and fun, too! But sometime later, it goes all to s***... Now, where to start?The game looks good for a PSN title. Nice 'n cartoon'y. And there's a definite throwback to the look of the other Doublesix game, Burn Zombie, Burn. The dialogue between characters can be pretty fun, and funny. A foul mouthed alien. That makes me giggle.Gameplay. Run 'n Gun(or melee) with RPG'ish elements. Leveling up character attributes, earning item drops to modify weapons,...

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