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Allegretto is sixteen year old boy who grew up in the streets of the port city of Ritardando. He believes it is okay for him to steal in order to provide food for poor children that have grown up in the sewers of  Ritardando; even though he knows stealing is wrong, he feels unable to abandon them due to his strong sense of justice. Allegretto is shown, at first, to be a tough character and a natural leader but there is also a deeply emotional side of him which is shown mainly with Beat, whom he has taken as a little brother, and Polka. He falls for Polka, a character with a fatal illness who, despite that, tries to do everything she can to help others and not herself, and he resolves to save her.


Allegretto Fighting
Allegretto definetly feels like that sort of mercenary type that you have come to expect by most guys with a one handed sword, certainly Allegretto is just like that using fast movements and swipes to basically bring up the echoes meter as well has having just as strong harmoney chains like the ones that Jazz can commit too. Allegretto being the attack bassed character that he is has his light and dark attacks not really in different categories just that some attacks in one area might do more damage while others in another area might do Area-Of-Effect damage, With his light moves Alegretto is able to perform strong Harmony attacks then turning them into a Harmony Chain (Especially when having Star Burst Slash) can deal massive damage as well as bringing the echoes meter back up again, His dark attacks can be more used for Area-Of-Effect which is greatly used when having multiple weak enemies around him at once, all in all Allegretto is probably most certainly put in the party at all times.

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