Looks like I found a F2P that grabs my attention.

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Thanks to a couple of forum repliers discussing Jeff's recent post on free-to-play MMO's, they brought up Allods Online. This game came out of nowhere for me. I'm used to F2P MMO's like Runes of Magic and Neo Steam. I should mention that these games are fairly recent. I don't have much to say about the game because I only played a couple of hours. Though what did catch my attention is the look and feel. With other F2P MMO's I found more bugs than I expected especially ones that place text out of the boxes. The games didn't seem put together right.  
Well, I should describe the good things about the game instead of describing everything bad about other MMO's. The main good thing is the look. The graphics are very current. It has kind of a cartoony feel and very well drawn. I want to say cell shaded but I know that's not it. Maybe more like Champions Online. The beginning also is pretty good. It brings you into the game very well. It's like there's a lot going on action wise. Especially when you get down to the final quest in the starting area. Fighting off this enemy that's fending off this giant demon. I don't know what else to say about it. Maybe other people in the forums can discuss it. If you haven't seen this game then check out the link at the bottom. 
Yes it's from one of those companies that mass produce MMO's, but maybe this is the one to end that horrible streak of bad F2P MMO's.

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