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Alma is one of the greater fiends in Ninja Gaiden Black & Ninja Gaiden Sigma.  She is the sister of Rachel, and must be defeated twice through the course of the game.  She is regarded as one of the tougher boss battles in the game.  She has 6 primary attacks which she utilizes:

Energy Balls – She unleashes balls of pink energy which knock you down.

Pillar Throws – She will rip the surrounding pillars out of the floor and throw them at you using magic

Leg Grab – She will grab you with her leg and slam you on the ground.

Charge – She will perform a quick dash and charge at you at full speed.

Bubble Grab – One of the most damaging attacks, she will trap you in a pink cylinder of light and float you up to her level, where she will drop kick you back to the ground.

Combo Flip Kick – She performs a quick combo of punches and kicks, followed by a flip kick which knocks you down.

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