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Alora- Red skin (lethan) Twi'lek, Dark Jedi and apprentice of Tavion Axmis. Also one of the most important members of a cult called Disciples of Ragnos. Their quest was to resurrect Marka Ragnos, the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith. Her acrobatic skills helped her in her quest of infiltrating Luke Skywalkers personal database. 
 Yavin IV at the jedi academy Alora breaks into the temple and steals Luke Skywalkers records of locations with strong sources of Dark Side Force energy.


Alora first met Jaden Korr on planet Hoth while her mission of finding some important data from Echo Base. They fought a duel, but seeing that her opponent is stronger, she escaped.
On Taspir III
On Taspir III

Taspir III

They met once again on Taspir 3 while Jaden's search of Rosh Penin. She fleed through the Cultist's facility until they met again in hangar along with the Rosh. Jaden angered on his friend for his betrayal was almost persuaded by Alora to kill him and join the Dark Side. Realising that Jaden will not turn, she cut off Rosh's arm and encountered Jaden. Though she fought using  Jar'kai style of fighting (two lightsabers), she was defeated.

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