Hacking makes no sense..

#1 Posted by bhhawks78 (1311 posts) -

I've done the tutorial twice it makes no sense to me, you get two codes to find then when you move the codes with thumbsticks the numbers stop changing and every single one is the same, what am I missing?

#2 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -
@bhhawks78: You have to match them with the ones that are not constantly changing.
#3 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

Nothing. It's just stupid.  Just look for the sequence that isn't moving, you can see how it's supposed to look at the top. Also, it moves again after half the time.
Try doing it on the PC. It doesn't work :) Had to use a controller through the entire game due to the absolutely crazy stupid mouselag in the hacking minigame.

#4 Posted by bhhawks78 (1311 posts) -

woooow i'm dumb and blind sorry yall!

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