Having Second Thoughts..

#1 Posted by Alphiehyr (1083 posts) -

I've read quite a few reviews and this game seems to be having major bug issues. Can someone tell me why it's still good to get this game? Yes, I've read Jeff's review.

#2 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I am not going to try to convince you to buy the game. But having read all the negative and iffy reviews I still like what I see enough that I have still decided to buy the game myself. But I'll wait until the price drops a little I think.

#3 Posted by yani (413 posts) -

       As much as I like this game, wait for the price to drop.  The game is a technical mess (and not worth $60) which might get fixed up a bit with a few patches.
 Why is it good?  My play through was very different to  Jeff's. I never met some of the people he did and depending on how you interact with people, things can go down very differently. Hypothetical situation: You can kill someone but in doing so you don't find out that some vital info, but letting the guy live might piss off someone else.  All this goes on without you knowing whats going to happen and your under pressure to make snap decisions as the timer is counting down.  You will also encounter situations where the way you've built your character can open up different paths in a mission.

#4 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

The game seems to be very technical and interesting. just has a mess worth of bugs. if you asked me last year this time i would say get it asap. right now im on the fence.. i think im waiting for either: $20 price drop or patch that gets it fixed.

#5 Posted by Jeffk38uk (715 posts) -

It has alot not going for it really at first. Annoying bugs and a clunky combat gameplay. The biggest problem is the reliance of a dice roll like system to determine damage, which can get real annoying when the alternative to shoot someone in the head is stand still for 10 seconds for the reticle to go red to confirm a critical hit. 
The thing is, get past that, and the story is actually interesting, the choices you make in various areas of the game, whether by buying intel, how you talk to someone, or the choices you make on a person can drastically change the story, and what happens. Customisation is pretty high as well. If they patch the bugs and glitches, it may be worth the current price, but the damage system they have in place really bugs you through the game so I'd wait for it to be cheaper.

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