Is Alpha Protocol worth 10 Bucks?

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More then.

#52 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -

Yeah definitely. It was a game that suffered from some poor execution, but I think I paid like $20 for it on Steam and I did not regret my purchase. It was pretty fun and had some cool concepts.

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@ArbitraryWater said:

@JTMosh said:

The game is actually pretty fun, too. Although, even though there are a ton of options when it comes to customizing your character, it seemed to me that there were only a few truly viable paths to take, namely the stealth and pistol branches.

Are you attempting to trick the OP? Going stealth is the fast ticket to total frustration in this game and one of the reasons I don't like it that much. Sure, you can stab people to your heart's content but the second you get into a boss fight your stealth skills become worthless, the damage output of your pistol is negligible and the boss takes half your health with a single melee attack. Because they randomly decide to charge you with melee attacks.

A. Going stealth makes the rest fo the game very very easy (except boss encounters) and considering how much time you spend on bosses and how much doing other shit, it can be seen as a fair trade off.

B. Pistols are weak at the start but quickly become the most OP weapons in the game. The pistol on use ability lets you fire off 6 headshots into anyone, combine with AP ammo boss health takes a huge plunge, repeat as necessary.

C. There is plenty of skill points available to keep at least 2 skill paths completely maxed at your level. No1 character is just stealth or just pistols or just anything. It's always a combination of talents. (and 3 maxed in later parts of the game)

D. @JTMosh All skills are viable as long as you have at least one offensive skill as a focus.

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Yeah. Alpha Protocol is by no means a bad game, so I wouldn`t avoid it if I were you. 

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And how!

I payed full price for it

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I paid full price and don't regret it at all, so, yes

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