RPG Element Not so RPG-ish

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I've heard a lot of people suggesting to dump all your points into Assault Rifle, Stealth, and either Martial Arts or Sabotage. I've also heard people saying that deviating from these skills will make the game unbearably frustrating. I tried steering clear of these skills and specializing in others, wanting to put the accusations to the test. They were right. All other weapons seem useless compared to the assault rifles, and all the other skills don't make that much of a difference compared to the ones mentioned before.  
This makes me feel like there is only one way to play this game with the least frustration. But doesn't this take away the notion of the skills element being RPG-ish? RPGs are about making the choices YOU want to make, but making me not able to play the game because I didn't choose specific skills makes my choice meaningless. I kept getting this vibe that if I put points into others skills besides the four major ones, I'd be wasting those AP points. I wasn't playing the way I wanted to play, I was playing the way that was less frustrating. 
Did anyone else get this feeling?

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ive use the pistol and sub machine guns both worked excellently ..... 
the pistol is so good its almost broken 

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I'm using Stealth / pistols / shotguns / toughness and martial arts. Also used the recruit background.
Maaaaaan, it's tough in places! :)

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I don't  feel that way. I put alot of point into sabatoge and I it help out a bit
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I'm about five hours in as a Recruit, and I've pumped every single AP into Pistols or Stealth. I've died a few times more down to my carelessness, but it's been working well so far.

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I'm also about 5 hours in and I'm tempted to say that this may take the mantle of most-fun-broken-game from Sacred 2. I'm amazed that a developer with such a good track record could possibly go so wrong with all the action mechanics (except the gadgets, I actually think they work quite well). 
The "rpg" stuff, on the other hand, is really pretty sweet. I really feel engaged in the conversations thanks to the dialogue system and I love how things never seem to have the result I expected them to.

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