So i got this yesterday.

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It has issues, everybody knows this. But damn if this isn't a great game! i'm a child of much harder RPG days, when games would kill you without mercy and boot your sorry, stupid ass back to the start of the game. Thanks for your money! 
Alpha protocol isn't that hard, even with it's technical issues and on the hardest difficulty.  
It's IMPOSSIBLE if you play it like a shooter. you have guns, an aiming reticule, ammo, weapon customisation. This is NOT a shooter. 
I feel like this is a point that so many reviews missed. Criticising poor gunplay and difficulty (and it is poor if you play it like a TPS). 
I'm not gonna defend it, it's buggy, requires a mindset most people don't have to play and it could look more impressive visually. 
But if you're curious about it, deffinately try it out, Alpha protocol isn't as bad as the reviews make out imo.

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Why do you have  2 threads
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Just ordered it recently. £25 too due to a sale. A definitely appropriate price I think 8)


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