You know what Alpha Protocol does better than any other RPG ever?

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#51 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

A glaring issue I had with this game was that the ability to save the girl (can't remember her name) at the end was not expressed or presented clearly as an option, so I kind of let her die without knowing I could do anything.

Otherwise, yeah, pretty stellar game.

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#52 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

Game is great. Picked this up last year based on a recommendation of another duder and enjoyed it thoroughly in the 3 playthroughs i went through. 
The depth of your choices and consequences is deep and satisfying. 
As someone else mentioned, you meaningful perks for being an ass just as you do for being well liked, something most games don't do which pigeon-holes you into playing a certain way
Once you spec out your character the right way the combat/gameplay issues or heavily mitigated. 
It's a truly underrated game that everyone should experience.
My only real complaint is that when you do the critical shot the screen gets pissy yellow which is essentially the same color as the reticule so if you're aiming at an enemy really far away where you can't lock on, it's easy to lose track of where that reticule is

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#53 Edited by Tennmuerti (9074 posts) -
@Getz said:

When the game came out everyone was shitting on it because they felt cheated. Now that the game has been out for a while and you can get it super cheap it's everyone's favorite hidden gem. Funny, that.

Pretty sure plenty of the same people were praising the game when it came out.
I see a lot of those people in this thread.
Myself included.
It's also a pretty common occurence. A what would one call it "cult classic"?
The mainstream media shit all over this game.
Majority opinion was negative.
A minority of people actually loved the game.
But their voices were obviously drowned out.
Now those that cared most are still talking about it.
And they are recomending it to others of simillar interests, hence growing the audience that loves it.
I actually remember predicting back when it came out that AP would be an RPG people would remember quite fondly down the road, in the same vein as Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
Funny that.
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#54 Posted by TheHT (14162 posts) -

I dunno if it's just that I came back into it at the wrong spot, but I took a looooong break right at the point where you stop that dude's convoy (the sheik) and after doing so there's a missile launch and then all of the sudden I'm rogue and my character's all nonchalant about it. "Oh, I'm rogue now *smirk* well ok, what's next."

Maybe it's just the dialogue and voice-acting that turned me off there (the not so great gameplay didn't help). Coming back after just beating Mass Effect 3 probably didn't do it any favors. I already uninstalled it though, so it'll have to wait until I get really bored.

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#55 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1056 posts) -

Alpha Protocol was one beautifully fucked up game. Can't recommend it highly enough. I didn't run into any bugs playing it on the PC, but the mouse controls did leave something to be desired. The writing more than made up for that though.

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#56 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -

It's almost as good as Deus Ex was.  That's saying a lot.

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#57 Posted by thomasnash (1008 posts) -

^^I was honestly a bit surprised by how well Deus Ex did, because I felt it was so much like Alpha Protocol - same problems with boss fights and rubbish firefights, and I thought the writing wasn't as sharp at all. Both great games, both really out of step with modern gaming in a lot of ways, I liked them both a lot.

The second run through of AP I did, I was struck that the shooting isn't even all that bad, at least not with the SMGs, but I did find that I ended up playing it a bit more like a 10 year old game, whereas all my modern instincts tell me I want to pop-up-and-shoot from cover only.

Does anyone else think the minigames are really good too? Not so much the hacking and bypassing, but the lockpicking minigame was actually really fun to me.

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#58 Posted by Infininja (871 posts) -
@nintendoeats said:

@nail1080: Well, ok, Alpha Protocol had some issues. The big thing for me was that I was using a mouse, but the aiming was super chunky. I would be too aiming far to the left, mouselook to the right...nothing...mouselook to the right more and boom I'm on the other side of the thing. This happened alot, even when I was hidden and had all of the time in the world to aim.

That drove me several types of insane.

Glad to know it wasn't just me.
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#59 Posted by masternater27 (939 posts) -

The actual gameplay was kind of awful, but fun in a broken sort of way. The story and decisions were some of the best there have been in gaming.

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#60 Posted by Deusoma (3221 posts) -
@SlasherMan said:

@nail1080 said:

True and the same goes for games such as Shadows of the Damned where people in the gaming media wrongfully criticise it saying the 'shooting is bad' as if Gears of War shooting is the most exciting shit ever...yeah right....people need to stop bitching calling all gameplay bad, sit down and enjoy the fucking awesome games we're spoiled with these days!

There was nothing wrong with the shooting. It was just the aiming that needed a lot of getting used to, since there was no reticule.

In Shadows of the Damned, you had a laser sight that told you exactly where the bullet was going to hit, so it was no harder to judge a shot than in, say, Resident Evil 4, which people loved. In Alpha Protocol, there was indeed a big-ass reticule on-screen. So what game were you referring to?
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#61 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

It's a game I'm willing to give another shot, but first impressions were painful at best. I could see there was a game worth playing in there, but the camera! How do you mess up PC mouselook?! Maybe it was something with my mouse, which works perfectly except in games that have to run in Dosbox, in which case mouse movement gets super-chunky. But I'm willing to bet that someone just did a shoddy port job, or forgot to set some settings in an INI file somewhere.

Thankfully, this time I have a 360 controller I can plug into my PC. So if that game and my mouse still hate each other, I'll go to that.

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#62 Edited by mordukai (8402 posts) -

@VierasTalo said:

The shooting is great if you're a stealth character, otherwise it's just a matter of getting a grip of it.

Disagree completely. There's no coming to grip with it. For all the good things this game does, and it does quite a few good things, the shooting mechanic is not one of them.

@Jimbo: In theory every game is the best ever, but it depends how the dev team execute said theory. Not trying to diminish the hard work done by Obsidian because those guys know how to make an RPG but the execution of Alpha Protocol was lackluster and I fully blame Sega for it.

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#63 Posted by nintendoeats (6197 posts) -

@Infininja: Same.

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#64 Posted by procrasturbate (297 posts) -


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#65 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

I can't believe I got this from Amazon for 9 €. Probably the cheapest game I ever bought :D

Can't wait to play it, still have some things in KoA: Reckoning to do though...

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#66 Posted by Chocobodude3 (1338 posts) -

@msavo: Depends if THQ lives long enough

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#67 Posted by Winternet (8377 posts) -

Wait, what is this thread doing here? Anyway, Alpha Protocol is awesome. Kinda of.

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