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This game feels like its alpha

Alpha protocol has a very unique premise in which it combines third action stealth gameplay with the rich and deep RPG elements.  While its originality is that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd its execution is lacking. There are moments in the game that are very enjoyable but are hampered by technical glitches and bad game design mechanics. But on top of that a fairy annoying performance of voice acting by the main characters in which even the subtitles it's difficult to follow the games deep storylines.  This is also part by the fact that this game includes tremendous amount of dialogue for the majority of the game. 

The stealth and gun game play is a hit and miss, shooting it and accuracy is loosely determined by the size of the crosshairs and more controlled by the attributes of your character and the weapon that you are using also the stealth mechanics feel very unforgiving even on easier difficulties which is disappointing considering that the majority game promotes the use of stealth and espionage to get the most of the game and while failing stealth does bring in branching storylines it's difficult to experience the other branches because of this.

The game's technical performance also suffers on the PS3, texture loading is extremely noticeable and the slowdown caused from loading different areas and streaming textures is also noticeable and hampers the games experience.

I can only recommend this to those who love espionage games with a deep story and RPG elements.

The game feels half finished and could've used a little bit more polish and tweaking to bring a more rich experience to the table.


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