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Altea started its existance as small island village in southern Archanea. When the dark dragon Medeus conquered the land, Princess Artemis of Archanea fled to the island, seeking refuge from Medeus's assault. The towns people were reluctant to hide Artemis, but one brave youth decided to take a stand and rebel against Medeus. This youth was Anri, a man of heroic character who set out on a quest to defeat Medeus. After Anri got the Falchion sword and defeated Medeus, he returned to his village after being prevented from marrying Princess Artemis. With the help of his brother Marcelus, Anri founded the Kingdom of Altea, sworn guardian of Archanea, and began a legacy of the greatest knights known throughout the land.



Anri from the beginning of Shadow Dragon.

The heroic youth who defied Medeus, Anri traveled the continent looking for a way to defeat Medeus. After traveling through the desert of death Mamotord, the Fire Dragon's graveyard Flame Barrel, and into the Ice Dragon's Temple, Anri found the divine sword Falchion. Using the weapon, he challenged Medeus and defeated the Dolhr Empire when all seemed lost. He later founded the Kingdom of Altea after the Archanean nobles prevented him from becoming king of Archanea. When he discovered that Artemis has passed away during childbirth, he swore off women forever, and died leaving no children behind.


Anri's younger brother, he became the second king of Altea after Anri passed away.


The third king of Altea, he was father of King Cornelius.


Cornelius from the beginning of ...

The fourth king of Altea, he was known as the warrior king and thought to be the greatest warrior since the time of Anri. When Gharnef revived Medeus, Cornelius led the Altean Knights to battle at the Menedy River in Archanea. At the river, he engaged the Grustian army led by Camus the Sable, for a long while the battle was a stalemate with an Altean victory seemingly inevitable. Just when victory seemed within reach, King Jiol of Gra betrayed Cornelius, and attacked his army from behind. Defeated, Cornelius told his squire Cain to give a message to his son Marth, "Tell my son that I leave the future of Altea and our continent in his hands. He must rise now where I have fallen. As Falchion's rightful heir, he has been born into greatness... Now... he must be great…"


The queen of Altea, and wife to Cornelius. When the Gra army laid siege to Altea Castle, she remained to face the Gra army. She was taken prisoner by the manakete Morzas, where she eventually died at his hands.


The prince of Altea and heir to the divine Falchion. When the Gra army laid siege to Altea Castle, he was forced to flee to distand island nation of Talys. Raising an army, he fought back against the forces of Medeus, and was able to retake his kingdom. A few years later he was dragged into conflict again when Emperor Hardin of Archanea began to wage war against Grust and Macedon.


Marth's sister, and holder of the powerful Aum staff. When Altea castle was invaded, Elice remained behind to allow Marth and his men the chance to escape. Gharnef took great interest in Elice when he realized that she could wield the Aum staff. When the Archanean League captured Thabes, Elice reunited with Marth and joined him on his journey to stop Medeus. A few years later she was captured again by Gharnef, this time as a sacrifice to resurrect Medeus as a powerful Dark Dragon.


A minor noble from Altea, and an adviser to the royal family. When Altea Castle fell, Malledus joined Marth in his escape from the Gra army. Whenever Marth would act irrationally, Malledus would provide a calm counterpoint to return Marth on the correct path. Malledus followed Marth all the way from Talys to the final showdown with Medeus, offering him sage advice and a shoulder to rest on. During the War of Heroes, Malledus remained in Altea too weak from illness to escort Marth to battle, instead the veteran knight Jagen took his place.


Leader of the Altean Knights. When King Cornelius left Altea to fight at the Menedy River, Jagen stayed behind to guard the defenses of Altea Castle. As the Gra army took over the castle, Jagen found Marth and escorted him to the port where a ship waited to take them to Talys. At Talys, Jagen trained Marth in the art of the sword and matters of military strategy. When the Alteans left Talys to fight Medeus, Jagen traveled as leader of the Altean Knights, fighting all the way to Dolhr Castle. During the War of Heroes, Jagen retired as a knight, but remained with Marth as an adviser and instructor for the younger knights.


A young knight from Altea, he was known as the Black Panther. At the start of the War of Shadows, Abel was a knight assigned to guarding Marth with his partner Frey. When the Gra army invaded Altea, he helped Marth flee to Talys, and remained there as a loyal knight of Altea. At Talys, he formed a kind of rivalry with fellow Altean Knight Cain. When the Alteans left Talys to fight Medeus, Abel traveled as a proud member of the Altean Knights, fighting all the way to Dolhr Castle. After the war, Abel left the knights and opened his own store in Altea, however he once again donned his armor when the Archanean army seized control of Altea during the War of Heroes.


A squire under King Cornelius, he followed his liege to the battle at the Menedy River. When King Cornelius was killed, he returned to Altea to give Prince Marth his fathers last words. Knowing that Marth was the future for the whole world, he accompanied his prince to Talys, where he formed a friendly rivalry with his fellow knight Abel. As he traveled with Marth to fight Medeus, he remained a stalwart soldier, never abandoning his training. After the war, he returned to Altea as a training instructor for new knights, providing a strong example to follow. During the War of Heroes, he joined with Marth Chiasmir Bridge, informing him of the Archanean attack on Altea.


A knight from Altea who was partnered with Abel. When the Gra army invaded Altea, Frey helped Marth escape the castle under the orders of Princess Elice. When King Jiol surrounded Marth and his men, Frey volunteered to act as a decoy so Marth escape. When King Jiol discovered that Frey had made a fool of him, he ordered Frey's death instantly. Somehow, Frey managed to escape but lost his memories of what happened during the escape. Nearby villagers nursed him back to health, and eventually his memories returned. After Medeus was defeated, Frey rejoined the Altean Knights and took part in instructing new recruits. In the War of Heroes, Frey joined with Prince Marth when the Altean army attacked the castle held by General Lang.


A young archer from Altea, he joined the Altean Knights shortly before the War of Shadows. When Gra attacked Altea Castle, Gordin was taken prisoner and given the unfortunate nickname "Gaggles". Fortunately, Marth recognized Gordin and freed him from capture, together they made their way out of Altea to the safety of Talys. Eventually, Marth raised an army and left Talys to retake the land from Medeus; Gordin accompanied Marth on this journey and became a legendary archer. Once the war was over Gordin became a student of the sniper Jeorge, and expanded on his skills further. In the War of Heroes, Gordin accompanies Marth from the very beginning with his younger brother Ryan.


A knight from Altea, he was responsible for arranging the ship that would take Marth to Talys after the invasion from Gra. Draug served as Jagen's second in command throughout the journey, whenever Jagen was unavailable Draug would step in to take his place. After the War of Shadows finished, Draug became commander of a garrison on the outskirts of Altea where he became a favorite of the villagers. In the War of Heroes, he returned to Marth's side as a soldier and left to fight the rebels in Grust.


A villager from Altea, when she heard of the invasion by Gra she volunteered to join the Altean Knights. After the War of Shadows finished, Norne briefly worked for Princess Caeda as a bodyguard during her return to Talys, while in Talys she helped subjugate a tribe that tried to rebel against King Mostyn. During the War of Heroes, Norne once again offered her services to the Altean Knights, and helped the army when they attacked General Lang's castle in Grust.


Arran was once a captain of a band of knights which served an unnamed land, after performing many brutal acts for his lord, Arran left his country and settled down in the Altean countryside. Arran hoped for a way to redeem himself for his past barbarism and joined Marth's army when the Archanean League returned to Altea during the War of Shadows. After the war ended, Arran became captain of the Altean Knights replacing the outgoing veteran Jagen. During the War of Heroes, Arran led the Altean Knights into battle despite being diagnosed with a fatal illness.


The grandfather of the Hero of Shadow, he was once an Altean Knight and a good friend of Jagen. After being wounded in a battle, he retired to the village of Sera. When the Hero of Shadow was a child, he adopted him and trained him to become a great knight. Just before the Hero of Shadow became a knight, Maclir died of old age.

Hero of Shadow

Male version of the HoS.

A youth from the village of Sera, the Hero of Shadow enlists in the Altean army after the War of Shadows. The Hero of Shadow joined the 07th platoon, where he quickly rose up the ranks earning respect from his superiors Jagen and Arran. When the assassins guild attacked Altea Castle, the Hero of Shadow protected Prince Marth, and became a central figure in the Altean Knights.


The younger brother of Gordin, Ryan joined the Altean Knights after the War of Shadows. Being timid like his older brother, Ryan sought out a friendship with the Hero of Shadow when Jagen divided the new recruits into teams. Working together, Ryan and the Hero of Shadow were able to defeat their competitors, and were recognized as some of the best recruits. When the War of Heroes broke out, Ryan accompanied the 07th platoon, his brother, and Marth into Grust. After the war, he remained in Altea as a loyal knight, working for the people.


A fiery knight from Altea, Cecil joined the 09th platoon after the War of Shadows. She was transferred to the 07th platoon after all her comrades abandoned their post from the fierce training. While in the 07th platoon she formed a rivalry with her other cavalier companions, Luke and Rody. When the War of Heroes broke out, she traveled to Grust as a member of the 07th platoon, and made a name for herself as one of the greatest knights of the land. After the war, she returned to Altea where she remained as a Paladin, protecting the people from danger.


A young man from Altea, Luke enlisted as a member of the Altean Knights after the War of Shadows to get all the ladies. A rash and stubborn man, he consistently pushed the buttons of his partner Rody during the training regimen. Luke wanted to prove that he was the greatest of the new recruits, creating rivalries with the Hero of Shadow and Cecil as they took all of Jagen's challenges. During the War of Heroes, Luke accompanied Prince Marth and the rest of the 07th platoon into Grust. After the War of Heroes, Luke left the knighthood and traveled as a jobless drifter.


A young from Altea, Rody enlisted as a member of the Altean Knights after the War of Shadows to help his family. A calm and collected person, Luke's rash nature aggravates Rody as they participate throughout the training regimen. Being partnered with Luke, Rody faced the Hero of Shadow and Ryan in the sparring session, whereas Luke rushed out to fight, Rody played more passively. When the War of Heroes broke out, Rody and the rest of the 07th platoon joined Prince Marth on the expedition to Grust. When the war was over, Rody remained as a knight of Altea, becoming one of the greatest Paladin's the continent had ever seen.

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