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Altitude Gets High Marks 0

I bought Altitude during the Steam Holiday sale for $7.49 and I feel like a thief.  Altitude is a competitive multiplayer game built around the progression system popularized by Call of Duty 4 on a nearly 1:1 scale.  You level up as you play, gaining experience for shooting down enemy planes, destroying bases and enemy turrets, and achieving other objectives.  The game also features many different challenges as well which offer bonus experience.  Every time you level, you unlock something new. ...

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Chaotic extremely fun multiplayer 0

I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when starting up altitude. I knew it had planes, multiplayer and a progression system and that I had high hopes.  The presentation is cartoony and bright colored and looks pretty good overall. The maps range from a variety of things like random geometric shapes to space to regular sky and mountains but most are fun and the variety keeps things fresh. This leads me to another great thing about the game is how the games tend to go by fast, ther...

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Great 1-handed action! 0

That's right.  For me, the highlighting feature of this game is the fact that I can play it with 1 hand free with no disadvantage to my opponents.  Sure, at first it was tough getting the hang of using the mouse to control my speed, but everything else with that control scheme comes naturally (point where you want to move or shoot; 3 mouse buttons for 3 different actions).  Now I'm so familiar with it that I feel like I have more control using 1 hand on the mouse than 2 hands on the keyboard!Asi...

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Aggressive Side-Scrolling Aerial Combat with Progression 1

It seems that the public-at-large cannot get over how freaking awesome old-fashioned dog fighting is. No, this indy title is not about Michael Vick’s underground criminal career, but classic World War I airplane-on-airplane action. Nimbly Games’s Altitude delivers classic aerial combat with an attractive two-dimensional style but problems with the leveling system hold it back from being a great game. A quick tutorial is present and skirmishes can be played against computer controlled bots, but t...

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Bite-size fun 0

.. we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.. cue Iron Maiden's: Aces High Aces High with it's fast tempo and theme around dogfighting would be a fitting song to Altitude. Shamefully that is the only comparison. Altitute was released in May 2...

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Altitude: 2D Multiplayer Fun 0

Altitude (published by Nimbly games, available on Steam for PC and Mac; Linux version available from the game's site) stands out among Steam's flying games.  It's 2D, but not a top-down view, as you might expect in an aerial combat game.  It's sidescrolling.  Sidescrolling, 2D, flying, online multiplayer arena combat.  And it gets even better with the game modes.There's the usual free-for-all and team deathmatches, but there's also a couple of unique games: air ball and team base destruction.  W...

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Should be shot down over Sea of Japan, spin in, leave no survivor 0

Fun for a while, at least until the novelty wears off. Despite the fun, the game is unbalanced, lacks variety, and grows old quickly. Feels like a Flash game you'd play in a browser, and not a game you would pay money to play. Try out the demo on their site. You'll probably get your fill in the 3 hours of allotted time and get bored of it. Altitude is almost worth your time, but not worth your money. ...

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