Alundra coming to PSN!

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One of my favourite games of my youth is coming to the PSN and I can't wait. Anyone else looking forward to this PS classic (one of the games that actually deserves to be called classic). 
EDIT: Just discovered there are no details on a European release date. GRRRRR!!!

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One of those games that's so hard it's fun. I can remember being so freakin' frazzled by some of the puzzles, but eventually always coming back for more. I also sort of remember this game being really epic in length. Every time I thought I was approaching the end, the game would introduce a new dungeon and 2 to 3 hours more of game.
Definitely a classic.

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@Vandal: Aaaand it's finally out in Europe!

Never played it, always wanted to. Kinda stoked.

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I played through a bit of it recently, after not having played it in a decade. It's not a bad Zelda-ish game, though sometimes the controls can be a bit frustrating. I definitely like the colorful art style and that's held up pretty well.

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Man, you want to talk about your dark takes on Zelda. That game is bleak.

Music's good though.

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Im always up for stopping ancient evil.

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I had this game as an eight year old and I remember wishing I was older so I could work out how to play it. Loved the atmosphere. It's too much hassle to get out my psx to play it but man I wish this was coming out on 360.

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@RockmanBionics: Cheers for the heads up but I just downloaded it and it's broken. Seems to run very slowly. Read somewhere its running at 50hz when it should be at 60hz. So DO NOT BUY in EU at least for the time being.

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@Vandal: I did buy it and it seems to run fine for me. I haven't played much of it however because it has the bane of my RPG playing in it, where you have to speak to all the NPC's (or at least all the right ones) before you can advance and it was Booooring. I got to the village, walked off into the wilderness and died so I had to redo a lot of conversations before I called it quits. I'll probably give it another shot some other time.

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I re-bought a copy of this game a couple years ago. Still think it's one of the hardest games I've ever played. Love it.

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Wasn't Alundra 2 a hot mess?

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@RockmanBionics: Where are you based? I'm in Engalnd. Could you maybe try comparing the intro movie on your PS3 to THIS. Mine runs noticeably slower.

After tesing, the game runs at 50hz on my system however it explicitly says it needs a 60hz TV. I know my can run at 60hz but the PS3 outputs the game at 50hz for some reason. Almost certain its faulty software.

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@Brodehouse said:

Wasn't Alundra 2 a hot mess?

Yeah, Alundra 2 was a pile of shit.

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@Vandal: I Googled and found this thread, so it's definetly a known issue. I also checked MonkeyPaw Games' twitter (they are the ones handling the port) and someone had written to them about it, they responded saying "We're working on that solution with Sony and will let you guys know about the situation soon."

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@RockmanBionics: Cheers for checking on your system, that thread was what lead me to check the frequency. I also spoke to Sony Europe Support so hopefully this'll get fixed sooner rather than later. However when I spoke to them they didn't seem to know anything about this issue.

On another point, I never got to play Alundra 2, but damn it didn't look great. Seemed to be a victim of "Everything is 3D now!"

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Hell yeah Alundra!

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