Is this game any good?

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 Is this game any good?

#2 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

It's similar to (and plays like) the earlier Legend of Zelda games, but the storyline is a lot darker and puzzles are harder. Worth a look, certainly.

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If your a fan of Zelda-like dungeon crawling, than Alundra is just the challenge you've been looking for. It has a fantastic story with dynamic characters and some good plot twists throughout. The puzzles are among some of the hardest I have ever conquered in my days, and from what I believe the game was noted for its seasoned difficulty.

So, to answer your question, yes, this game is definitely "good" :).
#4 Posted by weehughie (16 posts) -

Man I loved this game. I never played through a Zelda game before I played this so it completely blew me away.

I remember being so frustrated trying to work out some of the puzzles but they were so satisfying.

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