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Frequently becomes more frustrating than fun to play 0

On the surface Alundra looks like a garden-variety Zelda clone, but at heart it shares more in common with Landstalker (SEGA Genesis), featuring challenging jumping puzzles not found in the Zelda franchise. That’s no surprise as many of Alundra’s development team came from Climax Entertainment, the company behind Landstalker and several other classic 16-bit RPGs. It’s known for its above-average difficulty and its beautiful 2D graphics.StoryAlundra, an adventurer with the abili...

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This game is great. He plays with m 0

This game is great. He plays with me. He plays with convention. He plays with genre. Alundra is an adventure that starts with an incredibly sztampowo to leave playing with a lot of questions, wonder and satisfaction with such an original and dark journey.  Using the classic formula of 8 and 16-bit Zelda came out here in a surprisingly bold and surprisingly successful.  Throw in advance, in conjunction with 2D graphics still works - this game is simply beautiful.  The battle system, arcade, chall...

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It has various flaws, but it's also unique on its system 0

 An elf with pointy ears and a sword, going about a forest rich environment slaying orcs and other weird creatures, where have we seen that before? Alundra is an RPG-adventure story like the days of old would have it. A silent hero, a world in distress, an open map filled with areas and dungeons and a lot of items to help you along each quest; all the elements are there. The story starts on a boat, heading for the village of Inoa. While on that boat, the main character, Alundra himself, ...

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