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This game is great. He plays with m

This game is great. He plays with me. He plays with convention. He plays with genre. Alundra is an adventure that starts with an incredibly sztampowo to leave playing with a lot of questions, wonder and satisfaction with such an original and dark journey. 

Using the classic formula of 8 and 16-bit Zelda came out here in a surprisingly bold and surprisingly successful.  Throw in advance, in conjunction with 2D graphics still works - this game is simply beautiful.  The battle system, arcade, challenging and diverse forces tactics and juggling inventory extremely well fed and happy.  The game finally, despite a slow start (the plague of many jRPGów), rapidly gaining momentum, especially as it also pulls the mysterious story ... 

Alundra is deservedly recognized as one of the best titles of his generation and the most distinguished game developer responsible even for DSowe remakes of Final Fantasy. Additionally, the game is not przekombinowana - simple rules and structure, but not weary.  A fight with the bosses and human travel nightmares will remember for a long time. 

If you like A Link to Past and you are not addicted to green hero is Alundra is for you. This is one of the best "Zeldówców", while retaining its own identity.  PSN needs more such games, especially at this price.
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