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K`Ryn is the dark elf ambassador of Oggok. The dark elves have an alliance with the ogres and trolls of Antonica, which the dark elves use to their own advantage. Typically, the Teir'Dal are much smarter than the brutish ogres, but there is one ogre who has become suspicious of the ambassador's true motives. Lork has discovered the dark elves plans to raise an army of orcs in Faydwer, which would eliminate the dark elves' need for the ogres. Unbeknown to K`Ryn, Lork is enlisting the help of any young, willing ogres to assassinate the ambassador.




  • Indigo Brotherhood

Opposing Factions

  • Emerald Warriors
  • Steel Warriors

Related Quests

  • Crude Stein
  • Tier`Dal Courier


  • Black Heart
  • Dragoon Dirk

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