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Character Profile

Amelia was turned by Marcus to help contain his brothers' chaos and proved to be a valuable asset to their kind which led her to becoming a Elder. Though she met her end many centuries later.

In the middle ages, despite all effort from Viktor's military intelligence to help control Marcus' brother, Williams chaos: roaming from village to village killing several peasants whom are then transformed into mindless Lycans. Marcus sought further intelligence. Amelia was turned to help control the chaos and she was the first female Elder.

After William's capture from a well planned trap fabricated by Amelia, Viktor then commissioned a prison built solely for William for all eternity with Amelia's support and hid it away from Marcus. At this point it is believed the plan was done regardless of Marcus's concern because he might have had other plans for his brother. However, Williams inability to revert back to human form was troublesome for Viktor because he had no other choice and is not allowed to execute him under Marcus's orders. When it is done, Viktor devised a system known as the covenant chain where one Elder would rule a century. Amelia and Marcus agreed on this system and was done with a special coma potion which puts the Vampires mind at a sleeping state.

It is believed to be the 9th century, which marks the end of Viktor's one hundred year reign and the beginning of the covenant chain. He chose Amelia as the second to rule in his place and Marcus as last which infuriated him upon his awakenning done by Amelia. The awakenning can only be performed by an Elder. To and extent, it is believed that the covenant chain system was invented for peace and prosperity despite the face that there were countless Lycans that still roam about. However, the Lycan threat after Williams imprisonment was not a high but still considered as top priorty.

Centuries later, a new coven was built from a distant location as home to all three Elders Viktor, Amelia and Marcus due to Viktor's incompetence to keep the Lycan slaves in control and the effort to contain their uprising done by Lucian hand when he lead one final assault at the fortress during full moon. One last bloody onslaught which layed it to ruins.

During modern day time - Amelia's reign and what is believed to be around the 21st century, their empire had already expanded into two covens. Amelia worked effortlessly to maintain one while the other by a regent named Kraven. They continued to hunt the remaining Lycans, one by one during the night with Selene as lead. During this time, they assumed Lucian is dead when Kraven brought proof of the deed - the skin from Lucians' left arm with the Lycan symbol on it after Lucians uprising. Speculated to be handed to Viktor during his reign and Kraven was appointed a high position. This allowed Lucian to go underground. Amelia never openned a investigation about this issue as it was rather unusual for Kraven to return alone unharmed with the skin of Lucian.

The day before Marcus's reign, Amelia was returning to awaken him while unaware of Kraven's plot thus pitting Amelia in great peril and sadly, her end.

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