givemereplay's American McGee's Grimm Volume 1, Episode 1: A Boy Learns What Fear Is (PC) review

A Pathetically Bad Game

American McGee's Grimm is as pathetic and boring as professional games get. In short, the first edition of this game requires you to walk around using the mouse, while not interacting with other characters directly (all of which are sans personality), and then "buttstomp" an object once you have walked around enough. The highlights of the game are miscast voice acting, a terrible script, and kickers of lines such as "Don't delay, buttstomp away!". The very few moments of time I spent playing Grimm is time I will never get back. Don't make my mistake. Stay away.


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    McGee's next attempt is free on GameTap 0

    McGee's last title of Bad Day L.A. wasn't too well received, after winning coaster of the year award and getting a Metacritic score of under 3/10 it seems things can only get better.In Grimm you are tasked with changing fairy tails from their usual happily ever after to a far more twisted and grim version spread between 24 separate weekly episodes that'll supposodly last half a hour each, although the first episode timed in far closer to just 15-20 minutes of usual gameplay. Each episode will te...

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    Episode 1: Bugtastic 0

    So I played through American McGee's Grim in a very short time during the free 24 hour period. It seemed to take about half-an-hour to beat the first episode. The game has a story element that starts the game off, where Grimm is the narrator and the townsfolk talk and such. However, during this segment the game's voice acting sound effects go up and down in volume, sometimes to the volume of a whisper and then suddenly the volume triples and you have to keep your hand on the volume button the en...

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