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America Ōdan Ultra Quiz: Shijō Saidai no Tatakai is an action quiz game developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System by WiZ and Pixel, which was published by Tomy on November 29th, 1991 in Japan. Based on a Japanese game show of the same name, it is the second in the long-running America Ōdan Ultra Quiz series, and the first released for a home console.

Game Modes

There are two different game modes available: story and tournament.

Story mode takes the form of a top-down adventure where the player must navigate a city whilst avoiding cars in order to participate in numerous quiz shows. As the player progresses and completes these shows, larger sections of the city are unlocked. The quiz show themselves feature many mini-games.

Tournament mode is the more basic of the two and has the player compete in a regular quiz show format against seven opponents. The topics of the quiz vary from geography to culture, all focused primarily on the United States of America. Rather than using mini-games, tournament mode simply uses a simple text-based format where the player must choose "yes", "no", or any other pre-selected answers.

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