Best Computer Ever?

#1 Posted by Richard (8 posts) -

There's always been something magical about the Amiga. Maybe it's because it's graphical and sound abilities were so far on from the 8-bit days we'd been holding on to for so long, perhaps it was the flexible architecture that allowed developers to squeeze so much power out of it, maybe it was the slew of triple-AAA classics that in many cases live on to this day (recent 360 versions of both Sensible Soccer and Worms). There's also the social aspect, like getting together with your friends for another SWOS tournament, or a quick blast at Lotus Turbo Challenge, or knocking a few balls around in Archer McLean.

But really it's the first machine that showed us what gaming was capable of. From the giant intro to Shadow of the Beast 2, to the multicoloured head of Tutankhamun that graced the cover of a million Deluxe Paint manuals.

There's rose tinted glasses involved in any look back at gaming past, but few would deny how much fun the games on this machine are to this day. Chaos Engine. Ruff & Tumble. Kick Off 2. Robocod. I could go on.

What do you remember of those classic days?

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Another World
My dad brought me an Amiga 500 in the late 80's after my parents seperated (best thing about parents breaking up is the love fight) and to this day it's still one of my all time favourite gaming systems. I had about a bazillon games in glorious technicolour... Double Dragon (reverse elbow to the face action!), Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters (the worlds under attack and you only save hot chicks?! who was I to complain), Ikari Warriors (two-player vietnam slaughter sim mayhem), Rainbow Islands (who thought a rainbow as a gaming machanic could be so much fun!), Syndicate (guns and gadgets ftw), Speedball 2 (why isn't it a real sport already!!), Cannon Fodder (war? good god! what is it good for... cute carnage), Turbo Outrun (hot ride AND a fast car), Populus (Pete Mol at his pinnacle... perhaps). I could go on about it forever but i don't want to depress those that missed out any longer. Kick Arse Machine! Nice work Rich.

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When I wasn't ripping tunes using my Action Replay II cartridge and remixing them in ProTracker, I was playing a bunch of great games. Anything by the Bitmap Brothers was instant genius in my book, and classics from the end of the Amiga era by developers like Team 17 like Superfrog and Alien Breed kept me entertained for hours.

And who can forget the classic Digital Illusions pinball games? Man, those were the gaming days.

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I have found memories of the Amiga days, playing  games such as Hunter, Wings, Space Crusade and Street Rod.  

It triggers tons of childhood memories just looking around this site seeing some of the classics.
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Test Drive. Is the first game i played once we upgraded to an amiga. I have fond memories of messing around on the machine.

It wasnt long after that we got an IBM, which was the future.

None of them beat the C64 in my opinion.

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I had an Amiga 500 years ago too. I used to play Defender of the Crown, It Came From the Desert, Torvak the Warrior, Monkey Island 1 and 2, Moonstone, Centurion and many more. It was a good machine!

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gotta love turrican 2 best music ive ever heard in a video game

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Pretty sure Alienware has made a more powerful computer, but I can't confirm that.

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Apple G2 I think, it was the bomb

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Amiga was my first gaming platform. I still have great memories even to this day.

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Amiga sucks. Atari ST forever! Mwuhahahahaa!


No but seriously, the Amiga is an awesome computer that will be remembered forever. Games like Turrican, Lethal Xcess, Amberstar, Ambermoon... wow I think I need to buy an Amiga again.
Being the Atari fan that I am, the Atari ST will always be my favorite computer, but the Amiga is a close second.

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@turbomonkey138 said:
" gotta love turrican 2 best music ive ever heard in a video game "

I've just written a review of Turrican 2 and said something like "ask any one who had played it the best thing about it and they will say the music every time", or words to that effect. You can take all your 8 bit bleeps and bloops and shove 'em, Chris Hulsbeck's Turrican score not only takes you to synth heaven, but was the first game I've played where the music fit the action on screen with tempo pacing and timbre. It was my first proper onscreen soundtrack. And yes your right haven't heard a better one since.
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There is something magical about the AMIGA , the games were just so memorable and many of the cross-platform titles that were on the Amiga often had some advantage to the console version. And I'm glad some developers from back then are still going and bringing out re-makes.
Games that stick out for me are Rodland , Moonstone: A hard days knight, IK+, Pinball Dreams and I really enjoyed Frontier: Elite II .   But in all honesty I could list games forever here, I played far far far too many. Prehaps I can contribute to Giant bombs growing Amiga section.  Nice avatar Jonnyboy btw :)

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@SmokestormX: Thanks, also my 5 year old son and 8 year old daughter love it when I dust off the Amiga, mostly because of IK+ (Punching people in the balls will always be funny) and especially Rodlands, which my wife hates because I showed them how to get the "Extra Fairy", and now every 5 mins there's a scantily-clad manga fairy on screen. I might not win "Parent of the year" but my kids are never short of extra lives.
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The Amiga is an amazing, groundbreaking platform.

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Skynet of course.

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