Amnesia: Dark Descent Streaming night 2

#1 Posted by Moztacular (466 posts) -


Hey guys after playing several horrifying hours of Amnesia last night, I'm back to stream some more tonight! I'm doing some Starcraft 2 streaming around 9pm EST but prior to that I'll stream some Amnesia. After the Starcraft 2 event is done, I will possibly do more Amnesia if it isn't too late so check back on this thread periodically if you're interested in watching!
#2 Posted by ManiacMaysin (364 posts) -

I just got to the prison level, so I had to stop watching cause that seems to be about where you're at. 

#3 Posted by Moztacular (466 posts) -

Stream is going back on in a few minutes if anyone's interested in watching some more!

#4 Posted by Meltac (1999 posts) -

Since I'm probably too scared to finish it anyways, I'll watch some. Just got to the refinery myself. 

#5 Posted by Doctorchimp (4069 posts) -

Seeing as how i already finished this...I only wanna watch the stream if I can hear you scream.... 
Oh it turns out you have your mic on, carry on.

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