Amnesia. How long did everyone last?

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I bought it last night on steam for 6 dollars. I lasted an hour and a half before the stress was too much. Anyone finish the game and is it worth it to just push through?

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Yes; yes.

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Did you even get to the water part?

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Did you even get to the water part?


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I played through the water part and then I watched some guy play through the rest of it.

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Beat it, game clock at 8 hours.

Beat its wildly disappointing sequel too, game clock at 3 hours.

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The fact that I had to find lantern oil all the time bothered me. I think I played about an hour before I gave up.

I played through the sequel (A Machine for Pigs) and really enjoyed it.

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Beat it shortly after release it is good, once you get to the last 3rd it stops being scary but the story holds it till the end as the gameplay becomes less interesting the story kicks into high gear.

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Played through the whole thing last year. Most stressful parts were probably the water part and storage but I managed to get over the hump. I took breaks in the beginning about every hour or two. I would get so freaked out that I would need a break and just couldn't handle it. After a few days of only playing an hour or so at a time, and I was really going slow when I played it so I would get all the notes, I managed to play through the rest of it in one marathon session. I just needed to finish it for the story and I wanted to be done with it since it was so butt-clenchingly tense.

I am going into the new Amnesia game the same way. I have played about 2 portions that lasted about an 1 hour or so. I got to a part that had really gnarly music and I had muscle through that until I got to another portion that had another pretty gnarly music cue. Then I noped right out of it for the night. I assume I will get over the hump with this game in much the same way. I just need to get into it. The story is certainly pulling me along but the gameplay isn't as good as the first game. It seems to straight forward, no hubs yet and the puzzles haven't so much been puzzles as just finding levers to pull. But the music... gah. That stuff is making my skin crawl.

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i played till going down to the dungeon and gave up. It was boring me to tears.

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@jadegl said:

I took breaks in the beginning about every hour or two. I would get so freaked out that I would need a break and just couldn't handle it.

Same, that honestly seems like the best way to approach the game, if anyone gets to freaked out, just spend an hour or so and then shut it down for the night. It also works well in that for me anyways the majority of the puzzles/levels only ever seemed to take me about an hour (thus far that is, I just finished the prison level which everyone kept saying freaked them out the most, so it must be clear sailing from here on out right guys?!) it isn't really a marathon it game, it's a play it, stop it, sleep on it, pick it back up.

I am such a horror game fan but this one really gets to me more then most, my biggest in game fears and I guess real life to is something chasing me and I can't do a damn thing about it, and that's all this game is! All the game! Getting the doors open during the water level was horrible! So horrible!

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'Til the halfway point, I think. The level design is awful and I couldn't stand backtracking yet-again, trying to figure out where the hell I was supposed to go. Besides the water part, I didn't think it was scary. Just a really boring game that I couldn't play any more of.

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I played it for 26 minutes. three sittings.

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I finished it when it came out a few years ago, but it was usually an hour at a time. After an hour I would run into another room, turn on all the lights and think happy thoughts.

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ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldnt last more than an hour and a half. The stress literally gave me a stomach ache, so I had to shut it down. I plan on going back in tonight

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I didn't stop playing out of fear, but because I didn't know what to do.

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I went to the Steam store page for Amnesia once. Does that count?

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