Did anyone horde oil and tinderboxes?

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I used the lantern in a couple spots and lit stuff so I wouldn't lost my way in areas that were kinda confusing, but mostly I horded and by the end of the game had a bunch to spare. Did anyone else do this and end up with a surplus? maybe I wasn't playing the game it was meant to be played the whole time. Still, It was a great game, tons of atmosphere and creepiness. What play style did you use?

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Maybe your gamma was set higher than mine but most of the game was so dark that I wouldnt be able to navigate without using my lantern or tinderboxes to light the way. I ran out completely maybe once or twice in my play through but I was generally low on both oil and tinderboxes throughout the game. Also you could have just played better than me i dont know! I was getting even more scared due to the limited supply of items, and the decisions you could make in lighting things!

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My general strategy was to run along walls until I found a door. I did die plenty from running into the patrolling enemies. And I did bump into things quite a bit. The sound and the darkness combined really freaked my out a couple times, especially when I would turn a corner and an enemy would be right there.

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Yeah I got to the end game and had something like 30 or more tinderboxes and around 8-10 oils.  I spent alot of time backtracking and always tried to hide in area's with light so if I got stuck having to hunker down for a long time I wouldn't go batshit insane over it.  Honestly near the end game areas like the chancel it quickly became in your best interests not to use lights.  Sneaking through there without getting torn in half was hard enough, adding in a lantern would have made you a dead giveaway.

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