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So this game is awesome. Ear-throbbingly terrifying and almost the perfect horror game. Almost. Not quite, and here's why: the sanity effects. Usually they are a fine enhancement to the experience with all sorts of ambient sounds with the footsteps, and the bugs and the SCREAMS (or is that just me?) but eventually it hits the bottom of the bar and it just becomes a nuisance. The point where the camera gets blurry, the kinda bad graphics get worse and the sensitivity with the camera shoots through the floor boards to settle in the dirt. This effect sucks, and I don't like it. Not in the curled-up-in-a-corner-crying-"I-don't-like-this-I don't-like-this" way I don't like most of the things in this game. I mean it takes me out of the thrill, puts me back in my swivel chair and makes me go "well this is a pain." It's a bad feature which annoys me every time I trip into it. Worse, it lacks any sense of danger. You automatically get some SAN back anyway if you take too long. It's the last warning before death-by-crazy.

So I want to rid myself of it. I'm almost done with this game and I was done with this effect a few hours ago. Does a way exist to remove it? A mod to install? And .ini file to tweak? I know how to give myself infinite sanity already, but I would like to avoid that if I can.

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