Ruining the Effect.

#1 Posted by Drrizzit (124 posts) -

So while I'm playing Amnesia, whenever some kind of an encounter is about to happen i can hear computer start to whir furiously which of course ruins the effect. I guess the solution to this would be to wear headphones but I don't have any that are better than my computer speakers. Would it be worth playing with crappy headphones even if your speakers are better?

#2 Posted by Aronman789 (2673 posts) -

My generic logitec gaming headset I bought for $15 work fine, so go out and buy some, they don't have to be expensive to be good.

#3 Posted by MrSpacs (24 posts) -

I agree, spring for new head phones. I hate listening to computers.

#4 Posted by IBurningStar (2183 posts) -

Ya know, Good Apollo I really did have awesome cover art. 
 And your best solution would be to get some fuck off awesome headphones. If you play a lot of games that are heavy on atmosphere then buying a good set of headphones is well worth however much you pay for them.

#5 Posted by Drrizzit (124 posts) -

Thanks guys! I'll check into that. 

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