Streaming Amnesia: Dark Descent Tonight!

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  While you wait for the live stream to start at 8pm, check out a recorded SC2 match between Brad Shoemaker and Jorbear from Giantbomb, casted by myself and Wchigo.

Hey everyone, I typically tend to lurk on the Starcraft 2 boards where I stream weekly sessions of Giantbomb community matches and also cast community tournaments. 
In an effort to branch out, and also entertain myself and others, I'll be streaming Amnesia:Dark Descent later tonight starting at 8pm Eastern. I'll have a microphone in so you'll hear everyone squeal and scream from me as I play through this apparently terrifying game. 
I've played about a half hour of this game just to see what's up, but will be starting a fresh game from scratch right around that 8pm Eastern time. Hope some of you out there will tune in to get scared with me when the time comes, I'll bump this thread when I am getting started with the stream!
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cool dude, ill watch!

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@slyspider: awesome, look forward to your viewership ;p
Half hour until I turn the stream on and get things started! I was hoping TNT was gonna be awesome tonight but so far it is not.
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I'm turning the stream on now! I'm scared come keep me company!

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still going and im scared! :)

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I don't know why people stream this fucking game. I played through it and it's all about atmosphere. Why the fuck would you watch someone else play it? That destroys the entire point of what this game is. Everyone should just go buy it or something.

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