What could make Amnesia better?Well, you could always try Day9...

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Day9, the single most awesome nerd to ever walk the earth, did (Is still doing? Not sure, just started watching, but the latest episodes just got published) a let's play of Amnesia: the Dark Descent.
"Who the hell is Day9", you ask? Well, aside from what I mentioned earlier, he's the most famous StarCraft II commentator/"showperson" in the frikkin' world.

The first episode can be found here, and the archive - along with his regular shows and videos - can be found here.

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Oh no, not him. : (

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I've been watching it the last few days, it's quite silly.

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Say WHAAAAT? Awesome, I'll definitely be checking this out later.

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Day9 is a pretty cool guy, but as a rule I despise Let's Plays.

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Having bought the game and only played the first mayor area, maybe I'll check this out later.

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I was gonna post this, though I'm a few days late in catching up.  Lots of amazing moments, but a lot of downtime, too. 


I dislike full Let's Plays, as well, so here's a shorter highlight reel.  A quick look, if you will:
  At the very least, check out 4:16 here:
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I've been watching it as he's been doing more. Wasn't a fan of the idea at the beginning but it's grown on me.

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