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The Utter Insanity Can't Make Up For Sub-par Gameplay 0

Amped 3 is freaking insane. Just look up the Quick Look video and you'll know what I'm talking about. It seems like the developers of this game just tried every random thing they could think of for the cutscenes - random raps, fake commercials, stop-motion animation, parodies of other video games, making fun of EA, etc. You get the picture.   Seriously...what?!? This craziness really adds charm to the game, but at its root, Amped 3 is just an okay snowboarding game. The graphics are nothing spe...

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Tripping total balls! 0

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way.. Looking for a realistic snow boarding game? This is NOT for you! Looking for a fun game, that has a lot of flashy colors and makes you feel like you ordered that pizza with the 'special' mushrooms. Well, you may be heading in the right direction. This game had me laughing at complete nonsense while enjoying the game play, and following along with a hard to follow story line. This game is not without it's glitches (it has quite a bit) but the game play...

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Art As It Exists 0

Are you confused yet as of what an Art Game truly is yet? Art games, much like movies, come in many different varieties and flavors. You've got your obvious ones that come through directors like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Quentin Tarantino. I picked these three also because of the fact that people in general are still divided on if they actually do produce art, however art critics and time have proven that each one of these people have created certifiable and self-contained 'art'. Then yo...

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A Hilarious Extreme Sports Game! 0

This game has a hilarious story that will keep you wanting to play (like Ryan says, kinda like Metal Gear). The graphics may not be the best, but whos complaining? The soundtrack is HUGE!!!!! and Its filled with great music spanning all genres! This plays like any skateboarding game with trick varieties but it feels...thicker =P. The story has several missions that keep the games variety intact. The mountains are HUGE and you can explore almost every single inch! Then the story comes in. The sto...

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Amped 3 0

Amped 3 was a launch title for the Xbox 360 and therefore by Xbox 360 standards is really old even though it still looks pretty good. The riders look decent enough and the snow looks and acts real snowy, which makes the textures that happen to horrendous even more obvious.  This is incredibly present in the rocks, which on some mountains are everywhere.  Those rocks by the way despite their ugly appearance are amazing for creating huge combos but I’ll get to tricks later .   But despite the f...

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