Would you like a new amped?

#1 Posted by masterherocard (465 posts) -

I finally got around to asking this, after watching that video on amped 3 for the fifth time. Anyway, if they continued in the direction of Amped 3, and somehow managed to make the cutscenes even stranger/more awesome, would you like to see it?
#2 Posted by kishan6 (1986 posts) -

I always enjoyed the series so yes

#3 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Oh yes! I've loved the series since the start. More please. And more SSX. More fun snowboarding/skiing games in general. 
And while I'm at it a few space combat sims would be nice.

#4 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

yes. i would like to see a new amped if it didnt suck like the third

#5 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

I would love to get a 4th Amped game. Did Amped 3 really sell too poorly to warrant a sequel ? There hasn't been a good snowboarding game since !

#6 Posted by Thoseposers (850 posts) -

Amped 3 is seriously the funniest video game i've ever played, and the gameplay is definitely not as bad as many people claim it is. I would love to see what more those guys would do if they were still around

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