thelawnwrangler's Amplitude (PlayStation 2) review

The Grand-Daddy of Guitar Hero

This game is amazing fun. It's like Guitar hero but with 3 "frets" or "targets". You switch between 5-6 instrument tracks, turning them on one by one. You do this the whole song basically, and it is uber fun!A great setlist with lots of fun songs (Weezer, Run DMC, etc.). You can create your own avatar or "Freq" and he basically plays the instrument your working on at the moment. There is another option where you can remix all of the songs in the game and this is EXTREMELY fun! You can share your remix online and people can play your complicated version of the Slipknot song O.o

There is also online multiplayer which is lots of fun! Theres not much left to say. It does take away the tube track which makes things harder, but i guess challenge is good! If you like Guitar Hero, then buy this game!

Pros: Good music, fun gameplay, remixing is fun, multiplayer kicks ass
Cons: Tube is gone, if you take a break from this game to play guitar hero... your skills will disappear, can be confusing and scary at first to some people XD

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