How many Amstrad fanboys or owners are here?

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Just want to see how the mighty Amstrad CPC fits into this giant bomb of a website! Many of us out there?

My first computer was an Amstrad CPC 464 then i ended up with a CPC 6128 which i still own. Sure the sound was'nt up to the Commodore 64 standards, the floppy disk format was not in tune with the rest of the computing world and we got lumbered with Spectrum ports all the time, BUT the graphics were cool, the sound chip could produce decent tunes, built in tape drive or disk, colour monitor, 64k of memory and some top games helped make it a strong contender in the day.

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Signing in. :)

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I had a 464 with a green screen. My first game was Robocop. 
Happy days, my friends.
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Afraid the Amstrad CPC is a fair bit before my time.

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The first computer I got my hands on was my uncle's Commodore VIC 20
I was only six years old or so, but I was hooked. Soon after that I got myself a Spectrum 16k.
This is all waaaay before your time...
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 Yea, I had a 464. I was so hardcore I even owned a GX4000 also :) 

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A GX4000? You were braver than I was....
I really wish I had bought one now, of course. That's a real badge of honour.
I also wish I hadn't sold my old machines, but then money wasn't freely available. Dear old austere 80's Ireland.
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My family had a CPC 6128. Brilliant machine and home to the first game I ever completed: Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future. I had a little help from the map my Dad had drawn out on graph paper! Those were the days for sure.
Amstrad > Commodore > Spectrum ;)

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lets see still got 3 CPC 464s 3 6128s one 664, one 6128 Plus, 464 Pluses, one GX4000 along with the spectrums the C64/128, ST, Amiga and last but not least two BBC bs

They all had their good and bad points not into this machine is better than that machine rubbish it was daft then, even dafter now.

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what/who the hell is "amstard"?

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what/who the hell is "amstard"?

"The Amstrad CPC (Colour Personal Computer) was a series of 8-bit personal computers developed by Amstrad between 1984 and 1990. During its lifetime, approximately 3 million CPCs were sold."

Source: Slightly above the thread.

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For what you paid you got a reasonable machine that could be turned to many uses, I used my CPC6128 as a Word processor when at University in the late 80's had Protext and Prospell on disc and two drives with a Mannesman tally daisywheel printer

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More or less just passing through.

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