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Amy Pond first meets the eleventh Doctor at the age of seven when the TARDIS crash-lands in her back garden. After spending a short amount of time with Amy, the Doctor tells her he will return shortly but on his return he discovers that years have passed and Amy is now nineteen years old. She grew up under the care of her aunt, although most of the time she remained in an empty home. It seems throughout her childhood she became somewhat obsessed with the Doctor, drawing pictures of him and being sent to a number of psychiatrists who tried unsuccessfully to convince her the Doctor was not real.

When the Doctor meets Amy again he finds she is working as a kiss-o-gram and has a boyfriend who works as a nurse, Rory Williams. After facing an alien threat which almost destroys the planet Amy agrees to go travelling through time and space with the Doctor as his companion, but neglects to tell him that the day after she agreed to do this is her wedding day.

Amy appears to be a perceptive, understanding and rather intelligent character and possesses some qualities which the Doctor himself does not. In Doctor Who: The Adventure Games she is voiced by Karen Gillan who plays her in the TV series.

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