Escort Mission: The Game

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PSN Blog just posted some information about the upcoming Paul Cuisset (Flashback) title, Amy.  
Reading about the gameplay mechanics, it's odd to me that I'm excited about the idea of what basically is an escort mission spanned out over an entire game (a downloadable PSN title, but still). Perhaps it is the optimism that is usually absent in me that is the unsettling part. Hearing Ken Levine talk about Bioshock Infinite I'm starting to think game designers are coming to a better understanding of the crippling mechanics escort missions usually subject the player to. Yet, escorting an NPC can give the player a sense of responsibility, or even be more of a help that a nuisance. Maybe Cuisset recognizes this as well. It sure looks that way from the (brief) description of Amy. 
In short, you play Lana, a woman waking up one day (Flashback?) only to find out the world isn't how you remember it. Oh, crack cocaine, you're so feisty! It's the future (Flashback!), a comet hit the earth, people are zombies, cats and dogs...  And now it get's interesting: You are infected. You are stuck with a little girl named Amy. You need to escort her out. Amy has a trick up her sleeve that might entice you to actually care for her: crack cocaine... I'm mean healing powers. The infection isn't working out for you and to stop it you can hold Amy's hand to heal up, while feeling her heartbeat through the rumble to see if there's anything to worry about. 

For a downloadable game, this is looking fairly good so far.  I'm certainly interested in the idea. 2011 is the still their aimy (no? okay...) for release. More information can be found here: PSN Blog US
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read the article and watched the video and was so excited I came here to make a topic.

looks like you beat me to it, but anyway, the game looks great, at least visually.

I'm interested in the mechanics of the gameplay, but I think i'll have to see more before I decide to purchase it or not.

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I'm kinda... iffy about the game, despite its strong survival-horror aspirations. Their marketing almost reminds me a little of Hydrophobia, where they were adamant to prove the high quality of their game despite the limitations set because of it being a downloadable title. Of course that's not to judge that this'll game will be as (apparently - still haven't played Hydrophobia yet) cumbersome and rough as Hydrophobia was, but that's what instantly came to mind when I started seeing all of their trailers and reading the blog posts. There's also a new blog that's showcasing some more of the graphical prowess, too, on the PS-blog.
I'm still very eager to see how this turns out, and I hope to hell it'll deliver as a solid survival-horror game. Barely any of them left these days - least not on the console side of things.

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Ico was pretty good.

Regardless, I will check out any survival horror game, especially one that tries something new like this. I think this game could be pretty sweet, but it could also be the worst thing ever.

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@biggiedubs: Yeah, I feel the same way too... i just have a gut reaction that this will probably be one of those "better on paper than in practice" type of outcomes :(. I hope it comes through ok, but the videos I've seen so far don't paint a pretty picture for me.

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ouch! those reviews are harsh, I was hoping this game would be good, oh well...

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Sounds neat I might give it a 13 DOLLARS?! Fuck that, $10 would have been fine but $13? Hell to the no, son!

It's totally going to turn out that they've changed the price, rendering my joke less funny than it already was

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