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Analogue: A Vocal Story 10

I can't pretend to actually know Christine Love as a person. We've never had lunch together. I've never actually sat down and chatted with her. I don't know what makes her tick. Beyond the fact that I know that she is a person that exists and creates stories presented in the adventure game format, I frankly don't have much of a clue about who she actually is. This is to be expected; it's how things are in a typical author-reader relationship. She does the writing and I do the reading, but we nev...

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Not perfect, but well worth the price of admission 0

I've played a few visual novels before, but I wouldn't describe myself as a fan of the genre. I wanted to activate my Steam account, but I have an old macbook and my choices were limited. I went with this game because I had heard of it before, and I was interested to see how it played out.This game basically consists of a series of logs you can read, in order to solve the mystery of what happened to the citizens of a generation ship. I knew little other than that going in, so I was unspoiled...

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A Dark Detective Romance 0

Download Size: 80 MBTime Played: 1 hr 40 minLogs Unlocked: 63%Ending Received: 1st (out of 5)What I'd Pay: $3Steam Price (4/29/12): $10Reading Feudalistic EmailsA colony ship is drifting dead in space, and the only way you can figure out what happened is by going through its text log archives with 2 AIs. What follows is a 2-perspective tale of politics, repression, frustration, and annihilation on a spaceship that's regressed to a medieval Korean culture, told entirely through AIs and text logs....

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