Anarchy Reigns E3 trailer + demo footage.

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Looks all right.
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I have great confidence in Platinum's capacity to deliver outstanding and innovative gameplay experiences. In style.

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Hands-on mpressions from a dude, posted at the PlatinumGames official forum
SonicTHP said:

I got a chance to play one short game of AR today with 3 other people. I was Nikolai and had to figure out everything really fast because by the time I got the controller the match was starting. I was fighting against Matilda, Zero, and Leo. I thought Nikolai was pretty cool but I want to try out the other characters too. The controls aren't hard to get a hang of. The combat is relatively straightforward from what I played but definitely fun. The combat feels most similar to MadWorld I think. and the pacing is similar but AR has a better lock-on function. You have to get used to people being invincible when they do grabs and other stuff (so you can't be interrupted from certain moves). I didn't even get a chance to pick up any objects or anything, but someone playing Zero did throw an explosive barrel at me and I was able to block it. 
There is a normal attack, heavy attack, and grab attack. Each attack button does a little combo of varying speeds but I wasn't sure if there was a way to do more than one combo yet (like I said, I was figuring it all out on the fly). Nikolai's grab is a power bomb (I think, that's the move) where he electrocutes the enemy before slamming them into the ground. Your Deadly Weapon (DW) button is like a modifier that allows you to do different attacks or combos by holding the DW button and hitting attack. With Nikolai, the normal quick attack was a more powerful electric combo and when I held the heavy button I could release and do a sort of electric psycho crusher. I didn't see that you could do a grab with the DW button held though. You also have a block button on R1/R2 (which you use in conjunction with jump to roll/dodge). All in all, I ended up in fourth place with a score of 2 kills and 2 deaths, so at least I broke even on my first play. I only saw that there was an enraged attack thing when I finished my match and the other players told me that it was a bit too early for me to be there. 
I'll post more impressions from the game in the next day or two.

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