Anarchy Reigns Fight Night!

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Hello Everyone!

I will be hosting an Anarchy Reigns Fight Night every Monday night starting tonight. A previous post I made regarding this was erased due to the site relaunch, so I am saying it again in hopes that members of the GiantBomb community will take notice. I also understand that this is late given the release of the game but I wanted to do something with it on a community level, especially when I will be adding prize fights at the end the night. So, with that said, here is the format for tonight's fights!

Starting at 9:00pm (EST) I will host Ranked Battle Royale matches for a full hour on the Xbox 360 Version of the game (Look for gamertag EarthBowl). At 10:00pm I will set up Prize fights, where the winners from those matches will win a prize.

Tonights Prize: 1400 MS Point Card For the winner (There will always be two prize fights, unfortunately, only one prize fight will happen for tonight, I apologize for the inconvenience).

Then at 11:00pm (EST) I will host the same game type and time duration on the PS3 version of the game (Look for ID: GoldBIGSHOW). At 12:00pm, I will host two matches with a prize going to the winner.

Tonight's Prize: 20 Dollar PSN card for each winner.

NOTE: I will definitely change the size of the prize, whether to celebrate a holiday or site event. My aim for this was to get the GiantBomb community excited to play more of this game and encourage others on the site to check it out and enjoy the game as well.

ALSO NOTE: I will not send out or take invites from competitors. I intended this style of event to form itself around a "first come-first serve" initiative, giving those who want to participate a chance to attend the free fights, and especially the prize fights.

As always, I would love to hear from the community regarding this site event and what I could do to Improve it (structure/format, different games, etc). I always wanted to set up events like this, and having this site and it's awesome community as an unlimited resource to tap into, I feel that these site events can flourish and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks again everyone for your time.


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Unfortunately I can't make it this time, but I support this initiative. Look for the Gamertag "Kleptobot" if I suddenly have time, but otherwise, good luck.

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@dochaus: Thank you sir, I hope it goes well.

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I would like to thank everyone who participated tonight and made this first event successful. I can take what I experienced tonight and improve this going forward. Here were the winners of the prize fight for both consoles:

Splashbrony94 Won the first Xbox360 Prize Fight.

LordShmeckie Won both PS3 Prize Fights.

Thanks again for everyone who attended, and keep alert for future fight nights for other games on the site!

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I had no idea this was happening tonight :/

I blame the lack of forums on the front page!

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Yeah I for sure would of shown up and bodied everybody like usual. Shame but I'll be there next time I hope.

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Hello Everyone!

Monday is approaching, and with it comes another NIGHT OF FIGHTS!!. To start, I first want to again thank everyone who participated last week. It was rewarding having seen so many people play the game that night and keep the community going strong for it. I felt that the 1 hour free play matches ran WAY too quickly, so with that, I have decided to extend the time for free matches, making it a full two hours of play. So on the Xbox, the start time will begin at 8:00pm (EST) and the PS3 will begin at the same time as before (11:00pm/EST) but extended until 1:00am (EST). Everything else I set up before will continue as normal, so with that said, here are the rewards for the prize fights:

Xbox 360: 1400 point card for each winner

PS3 : $20 PSN Card for each winner

BONUS PRIZE!!!: Download Code for Crysis off the Playstation Store.

Bonus Prize fights will be a rare occurrence, but when I have something extra to give away, I will always have it be a prize for an extra game's winner.

The stage is now set for this coming Anarchy Reigns Fight Night!

As always,thanks again for your time.

Side Note: On a specific bombcast, I remembered the guys talking about "TV Wormholes" and how they would watch certain shows for no good reason, and for a prolonged period of time. With that said, I most recently fell in a terrible YTPMV wormhole and cant seem to stop watching these both amazingly well-made and horribly sounding videos......I might actually have to go to Sunday mass just to exorcize this internet demon inside me.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in last nights fights. It was upsetting having to wait on the PS3 for nearly two hours not even to set up one game. The Xbox crowd easily made the first half of the night immensely enjoyable to play with. I will definitely rethink this event going forward, possibly implementing different games every week to make it more interesting. Thanks again everyone for your early enthusiasm for this community event and watch the forums for future fight nights going ahead.

XBOX 360 Winners: Xx Anthony123xX easily won the first prize fight

BroodGrillo came back to win the second.

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