Anyone still want to play this?

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I've been having an urge to play this online again, and I was hoping some other duders thought the same and were down for what is the chaos of a full 16-player match.

I'll be hosting games every Friday night starting between 9-10 EST on Xbox 360.

My gamertag is OptimalPower.

Also feel free to post your tags in here as well so we can attempt to build some kind of community and get other games going.

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This is a game I've always been interested in playing because Platinum but I sort of want it to fall down to extreme discount range because it started out at a discount to begin with. So whenever its 5 bucks or free I'll give it a shot... on PSN.

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I'd be into this if you were organizing this on PSN. Unfortunately thats not the case, and also I lost all my data for it when my HDD crashed. After all that work I put into it to Platinum it ,_, I would just have to unlock Ai Rin again. She was my goto.

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Yes, but mostly just so i can listen to that intro music i wish the actual MP3 had the same awesome build up with the bass and Drums :P

We have a PS3 in my workplace so it goes in every now and then.

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