Bayonetta will be a playable character

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Not much more info other than the fact that Bayonetta will be appearing as a playable character in Anarchy Reigns, according to the latest Famitsu.


Kind of an obvious inclusion, but not necessarily expected. Glad she's going to be part of the cast.

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I bet anyone $1000 homeboy from Vanquish will be in here too.

Also, i'm sooooooo fucking pumped for this game with or without Bayonetta even though I did really like that.

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I have no idea what this game even is.

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forgot about this game, this makes it even better

would be cool if they could put gene in it, but i guess capcom owns the god hand ip

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I know nothing of this game, but Bayonetta being in it gets my interest automatically.

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They already had a knock off version of her in it, glad to see the real deal is in there as well. We need more details on this game.

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Its a Platnium game so... I'm contractually obligated to buy it. This just sweetens the deal.

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What is this? It looks like Borderlands....

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Andriasang has updated their article to mention that, in Japan, Bayonetta will be offered as pre-order DLC.

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Hadn't heard of this before but since its a Platinum Games game then it should be pretty good. Bayonetta is also cool.

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Man, is this game still coming out this year?

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That's cool. I have no idea what Anarchy Reigns is. Time to investigate.

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I'm sold. not that I was not already, it is a platinum game after all.

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Oh man. Too good. I'm starting not to care if the game is good or not. Bayonetta is there and the soundtrack seems pretty cool. Not to mention it's Platinum, so it'll probably be crazy either way. I'm excited. Hopefully the game can deliver.

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Fuck. Alright, I'm in. Here's my money. What is this game anyway?

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Put Sam from Vanquish and you got yourself a deal.

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This game should just be Super Smash Bros. for Clover and Platinum Games characters. I'd be totally on board for that.

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Played the demo, it was ok. It's no Yakuza

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@jewunit said:

It has been found that the first run of Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns will have the code for Bayonetta inside the case. Now I just have to figure out where to enter it.

So yeah, I got this in the mail today and I get an error message when trying to redeem my Bayonetta code that there is a problem with the offer for the code. It doesn't say that it's invalid though as is the case if you type it in wrong. Anybody else who's imported this game have any helpful hints about what to do?

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@TeflonBilly: It's invalid unless you unlock it on a Japanese account. You can still use her on your normal profile though. This is on the 360.

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Thanks! Done and dusted!

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