Best place to import?

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alright so anarchy reigns had been delayed to early 2013 by Sega yet it is still coming out in japan in 2 weeks platinum games had said that the entire English dub is already there and they do not know why SEGA has delayed it and confirmed that there will be no extra work put into the game until then since it is already done. SO what the best place to import this for cheap since i know that i will not have time to play it early next year when Everything else is coming out.

so give me some suggestions

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i heard of some place called amiami or something anyone know about that?

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@connerthekewlkid: The pre-orders for AmiAmi are sold out at the moment. You might be able to buy it when the game is actually released, but it's a dicey proposition. I think your best bet is either Play-Asia or YesAsia. YesAsia has free international shipping, but charges more than Play-Asia. Play-Asia charges less, but attaches shipping charges. Look at both and decide which one is more worthwhile given your location.

It will probably run you around $90 one way or the other. I am on the fence about buying the game. I enjoyed the demo on all counts, but I am reluctant to put down an extra $30 or $35 for the chance to play the game a little earlier. Then again, "early 2013" intimates that I may be waiting well past six months. I am on the fence about it, but that doesn't mean you have to be.

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I bought from Play-Asia, it costed me around $90 for the actual game, but I wanted it ASAP so I paid a whopping $15 for Fedex.

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