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Everyone has a favorite character, who is yours? Although there are only several characters playable now through the demo, a lot of people have chosen their "main" characters.

My main character is Garuda. He was one of the first characters that I played as because of his really cool Transformer-esque mech design. I later found out that he had some really useful abilities, such as his long range dash kick, long range charge attack, and long range double-grab. He also has a fast run/fly animation. I'm not sure if this true, but I think I have seen his killer weapon attacks break through blocks as well, which have a pretty decent reach on them.

For characters not yet playable, I'm excited to get my hands on Big Bull, Zero, and Bayonetta (of course!).

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I pulled the trigger and pre-ordered at YesAsia yesterday. The character design in this game is spectacular, but the one that did it for me was the Baron. He's a goofy character with a great look. I love his Ghostface Killah eagle gauntlets and how they burst into flames when he rushes in on an opponent. His rush-down moves also fit my play-style the best. It's scary running up on big guys like Garuda that have both power and range. I guess I just need to get better to overcome those obstacles.

A lot of the other characters look like fun to play. Big Bull, Nikolai, Daruga, Oinkie, and Rin Rin are all characters I want to try. Bayonetta fits in quite well with the rest of the cast and I am eager to try her too.

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At least from the demo, I have to agree that Garuda is pretty awesome. He doesn't have very long combos, but his other abilities are pretty useful. I love that double grab. It's the best feeling in the world to get a double kill with that grab. So good. Not to mention he's a tank, so it takes some power to knock him out of attacks or interrupt his moves.

And yeah, that transforming is nice too. I love his pose when he does his dash kick out of his jet form.

For the characters not yet available, there's really too many to choose. I'll get around to playing them all eventually, but the ones I'm looking forward to most are Durga, Oinkie, and Ai Rin.

It will be interesting to see how Bayonetta plays in the world of Anarchy Reigns.

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