First in-game footage of Anarchy Reigns!

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Check this shit out. It's footage of the character Sasha the Ice Queen in action:

The game looks like a multiplayer Bayonetta! Which is fucking awesome, obviously. I was worried when I heard the MadWorld people were working on this (and I still have my doubts), but the first impression really couldn't have been better, and I am very excited to see more.
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Looks pretty cool. I'm guessing that's the single player part of the game?

#3 Posted by ESREVER (2707 posts) -

I don't dig the character design on her. Reminds me of a long-haired Laughing Octopus.  
But damn if that gameplay doesn't look awesome.

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#5 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11492 posts) -

Looks like it could be rad, but I was expecting it to be in black and white after hearing Jack from MadWorld was in it. 

#6 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

That does look really good. :D

#7 Posted by Enigma777 (6063 posts) -

I really don't like how they animated her hair, which is weird since it's from the same studio as Bayonetta...

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While I'm not exactly a fan of the character design, I'm digging the look of this game. Multiplayer beat-em-ups are the best kind of beat-em-ups and the people making this know how to make good beat-em-ups. 

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  "You better run from freezing hell"
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Platinum is awesome, but you tell me "Japanese on-line arena action game" and I am skeptical.

#11 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1863 posts) -

oh god that music
At least they're keeping their tradition of AMAZING soundtracks. Gonna have to see a bit more to comment on the gameplay.

#12 Posted by ryanwho (12082 posts) -

Kinda feel like they might be getting hampered down by market research with the character designs this time.

#13 Posted by Icemael (6367 posts) -
@ryanwho said:
" Kinda feel like they might be getting hampered down by market research with the character designs this time. "
I can really only see two possible scenarios resulting in the design we're seeing: 1) There was no market research at all. Everyone on the team just got to come up with one character they thought would be cool, and they were all thrown into the game with no regard to how they'd fit together. Or: 2) They had different marketing teams researching different demographics, and decided it would be a good idea to try and appeal to all of them at the same time.

So far we have a buff dude with a gritty voice and a chainsaw on his arm, Jeanne from Bayonetta except with ice powers and, if you look closely at the screenshots released earlier, what looks like a cyborg ninja and a Japanese mecha. Also, judging by what we've seen so far, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Bayonetta was nuts, but it was at least consistent. Design-wise, this is just... all over the place.

Looks fun to play though!
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Huh, now I'm actually interested.

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#16 Posted by Icemael (6367 posts) -

The third character reveal trailer:

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@awesomeusername said:
" Looks pretty cool. I'm guessing that's the single player part of the game? "
I agree the game does look cool but I think the camera is too close to the characters.
#18 Posted by ryanwho (12082 posts) -

They're clearly catering to the cybernetic hammer weilding bull crowd now.

#19 Posted by Icemael (6367 posts) -

The hentai fanfics for this game are going to be very strange indeed. 
Not that I would... uh... know anything about that. I'm totally not currently writing a draft for a slashfic where Big Bull and Jack get it on. Just so we're clear on this.

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So.  I'm fucking sold.  I love ninjas, and Platinum is awesome.  If the multiplayer aspect is great, this could be one hell of a game.

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The last character trailer shows off MadWorld's Jack, in full colour, wielding "the only thing better than a chainsaw": two chainsaws. Check it out here

This marks the end of the four consecutive days of character reveals, so we won't be seeing any more for a while (I'm guessing they'll start putting out new ones around E3).

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That does look really good. I hope Platinum don't disappoint, considering this is their first Multiplayer game..

#23 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3160 posts) -

That was pretty cool, and while I'm not a big fan of some of the characters, Big Bull reminds me of Minatek, which is awesome.
And the gameplay looks great, as long as they can keep the combat from getting repetitive.  I probably shouldn't worry about that at all from Platinum, though...

#24 Posted by Icemael (6367 posts) -

Here's another trailer. Nothing new, just all four characters shown off in the same video.

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The trailer was pretty cool, but the gameplay doesn't look very interesting. Then again, it's just a few seconds of video. I don't know, I need to see more of it.

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